Saturday, May 26, 2012

The transcripts!

Good Day Readers:

We've started our review of the transcript from the initial pre-ACJ Douglas Inquiry hearing held Saturday May, 19, 2012 and released a couple days ago. While it displays certain traditions and procedures you would expect to find during a Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench trial, it is perhaps best described as a quasi judicial body.

We expect at least one other posting about the content of the transcripts and possibly two beginning with the recorded comments of Mr. Alex Chapman which can be found at pages 35-48. There's an old saying in legal circles, "Trust but verify."
Mr. Chapman: I've been diagnosed with chronic stress as a result of what has happened to me, I have the report here from the psychologist. (pages 35-36 at lines 16-18)

CyberSmokeBlog: Although there is no reason to doubt Mr. Chapman, the Review Panel did not ask that report be tendered so it could be entered into the official record.

Mr. Chapman: The lawyers in Winnipeg will not stand up against the system because they're afraid. One lawyer said to me he will not represent me because I go up against a lawyer, Jack King took everything from me. All I wanted was a divorce (Page 36 at lines 1-5). There isn't a lawyer in this town that will touch my case and if they were here you could ask them. They are afraid of the reprecussion. (page 48 line 48)

CyberSmokeBlog: Once again, there was no sworn affidavit required to verify the names and approximate dates of lawyers Mr. Chapman suggests he contacted about his case but was turned down. Although we are not aware of the outcome, at least one civil litigator approached him during a break in proceedings prepared to seriously consider assisting him with preparation of his written application for intervener standing.

Mr. Chapman: Well, I'm not working ma'am. I'm basically leaving on what I have left. as a result of me complaining they took everything from me. (page 45 lines 11-14)

CyberSmokeBlog: Mr. Chapman was not required to provide any written documentation in support of this statement.

Clare L. Pieuk


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