Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Take the "Public" out of Public Inquiry?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Was the lady naked?"

Ms Cher Hazen's point ACJ Douglas, as someone who is masochistic, in not fit to judge cases when one party is a victim of another is going to be lurking in the minds of the Inquiry Committee for the duration of this hearing. Cher's point was articulately made and repeated twice, and it sunk in. This will be a major factor in their decision.

But look for Douglas to resign before the hearing resumes.

Do you have the witness list.

Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for contacting CyberSmokeBlog. In her own way we found Ms Hazen to be impressive. She came across as an understated person who while nervous and not possessing a Harvard law degree, which you'd need to get intervener standing, nevertheless, made some very points. She also seemed to be master of the one liner.

One of our favourite's was when Independent Counsel Guy Pratte was holding forth about how interveners need not apply he's completely in control, or words to that effect, she got him good when she said something like, "Well if that's the case then you should take the 'Public' out of Public Inquiry." Touche!

As for Lori Douglas resigning, we thought it would happen long ago. If we were a bookie we'd give you 50-50 odds.

The complete witness was not released on Tuesday only snippets. That will be the subject of a separate posting very shortly.

Clare L. Pieuk


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