Friday, June 01, 2012

Chicago Divorce Lawyer has left a new comment on your post, "Their chances?"

The main problem that arises at the time of divorce is child custody - children need care and affection from both parents. While going through a divorce they can become bit selfish and don't think about their child.

After they separate their children's lives really become hell. They live like orphans because the care and love they really need they won’t get in same way they need and want it. One should think several times before getting a divorce that affects their child’s future. Parents sometimes fail to realize that the longer the child custody case gets dragged through the courts, the more it has a major effect on the child caught in the middle.

Dear Chicago Lawyer:
Thank you very much for your insightful letter which raises several interesting issues.

Not being a parent we feel very inadequate and ill-equipped to respond but we'll try. Is it better for parents to stay in a marriage that's not working for the sake of the children bearing in mind they're not stupid and comprehend what's happening? Our inclination is to say, "no" because it helps no one. The late syndicated columnist Ann Landers who was read by millions perhaps said it best when discussing divorce. "The bottom line is are you better off with him/her or without them?" She was blessed with common sense in spades.

Located in Winnipeg, we've wondered how many Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Family Division Justices have had firsthand experience with divorce and especially a child custody battle? Of course, we have no way of knowing but dare to say if any not many. Is this not tantamount to a marriage counsellor who has never been married?

Please stay tuned. Yesterday we received a very interesting letter from a mother who has been before the courts in a child custody case prepared to anonymously share her unique perspective/experience with  readers. Who best to speak on the subject? We're struggling to get caught up on our e-mail backlog - everything gets read. Hope to get to it in the next day or two.

Clare L. Pieuk


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