Sunday, June 24, 2012

The CJC on trial

Good Day Readers:

If we were a Justice in the Supreme Court of British Columbia (Heaven forbid!) and we saw this man walk into our courtroom we'd be concerned we'd be very concerned. Ditto if we were part of the CJC. Read on and you'll see what we mean.

Chris Budgell has no formal legal training but undoubtedly have some in British Columbia's legal community looking over their shoulder. Now you know why like a judge we pay him the Big, Big dollars and benefits to be our west coast correspondent (CSB's eyes and ears). Impressive, Chris, very impressive indeed!

Clare L. Pieuk

Dear Ms. Woolley,

I recall reading your first article about the Douglas case in the Post and then emailing you. That the Post is giving you and Ms. Blatchford an opportunity to engage in a public debate might seem to be characteristic of an enlightened press.

However, I believe the Canadian press, and other institutions, including the academic community, are not sharing with the public what the public needs to know.

I am appending three emails from me, the most recent of which is specifically about the CJC. I have just begun composing my second complaint to the CJC. When it is done it may not be long, but for several reasons I am finding this a very challenging task. One of those reasons is that by its response to my first complaint, the CJC demonstrated that it is incapable of fulfilling its purpose.

Whatever may be said about Lori Douglas's conduct at any time, consider how that compares to the conduct of B.C.'s Justice Miriam Gropper, whom I had named in my first complaint though she had not at that time been involved in my litigation, and who refused to recuse herself on April 13 from the hearing of a criminal matter that is about the very same piece of legislation that lay at the heart of my first complaint.

Neil Wittmann dismissed my first complaint as mere "rhetoric," by which obviously he did not mean Aristotle's rhetoric but rather the polite synonym for "bullshit." The CJC deserves no one's respect.

 Chris Budgell

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Chris Budgell <>
Date: Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 8:05 PM
Subject: A Suggestion Regarding the CJC
To: Martin Friedland <>, Irwin Cotler <>

Dear Sirs,

Today I responded, briefly, to a newspaper article

authored by former B.C. Deputy Attorney General Allan Seckel, cc'ing it to former Attorney General Geoff Plant. I am appending that and a previous email sent to a Law Officer at the BC Supreme Court.

Both your names came to my attention recently because I am closely following the story of the CJC's inquiry now getting underway in Winnipeg. I've seen nothing to suggest that either of you are directly involved in this matter but your names are among the many that have been mentioned in the media coverage.

Some time ago, I borrowed a copy of "A Place Apart" from the Vancouver Public Library. I haven't had time to thoroughly read it, but it is contributing to my understanding of the CJC.

I had filed a complaint with the CJC shortly after the public became aware of the Douglas case. Then after my complaint was summarily dismissed by Neil Wittmann, I wrote to Lori Douglas and posted that letter online

I am now preparing a second complaint, the substance of which is connected to my first complaint.

I am frankly not optimistic that the CJC will deal appropriately with this next complaint. However, I have learned enough about the landscape of legal process to know that I can continue pursuing legal actions, especially now that I can say with confidence that I have uncovered ongoing malfeasance of a criminal nature.

What I would like you to consider, is that the rationale for creating the CJC needs to be thoroughly reviewed in light of what we see happening today. I don't know where the Harper government would stand on this question, but it's one that deserves non-partisan consideration.

Chris Budgell


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