Thursday, June 28, 2012

Douglas Inquiry featured on Above the Law!

Good Day Readers:

New York City based-Above the Law hosted by Harvard Law graduate Elie Mystal has been closely covering the Douglas Inquiry from the beginning.
That's him on the right wooing the ladies!

A couple years ago it claimed over 500,000 professional monthly visitors. It's one of our favourite American legal blogs and must be somewhere in the top 10. Over a year ago it published the 30 pictures of ACJ Douglas naked as a jaybird. However, it did have the presence of mind to cover the private parts with little red maple leafs.

In its Canadian section there's an article entitled, Probe Into Madam Justice Lori Douglas Gets Underway from which we'd like to share a short excerpt:

[T]he inquiry committee unanimously rejected applications by Cher Hazen and blogger Clare Pieuk, saying neither had a personal interest in the matter and didn’t bring any expertise in the matter to the hearing.

Hazen said she wanted to be part of the inquiry because she is worried Douglas’s alleged personal behaviour affected her child-custody hearing.

Pieuk argued he should be given standing to represent the public because “if there is no public intervener, is it really a public inquiry?”

But the committee told him as a blogger member of the media he was welcome to sit in the public courtroom, but was not to be granted standing.

..... and furthermore, Readers, don't call us losers because at least we tried.

Clare L. Pieuk


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