Thursday, June 28, 2012

She said he tried to say .....

Good Day Readers:

Thank you to the gentleman who left us a voice mail message and the individual who sent an e-mail advising the transcripts of the June 25, 2012 Douglas Inquiry were now posted on the Canadian Judicial Council website. We're on the CJC's electronic mailing list and usually get a heads up but not this time. Jeez, hope it hasn't cut us off.

Had to smile. On Tuesday Sheila Block from Team Block-Reynolds was holding forth summarizing how she would present her case once the Inquiry resumes Monday, July 16 at 10:00 a.m. when suddenly we heard our name mentioned. Now that we have the transcripts, we can enter our evidence into the record.

Exhibit A: The Transcripts

Shiela Block: It can be photoshopped or as Mr. Pieuk has encouraged, nude photos of the Prime Minister, get those published. It doesn't matter that it isn't him, his face is on the nude, and you can't possibly reach all the people who see it to say hey, that not real.

The Chair: ..... Mr Pieuk?

Mr. Pieuk: I would like to comment on something Ms. Block said in reference to my name.

The Chair: Well, I'm sorry, but were not -- we are in the middle -- just explained to Mr. Johnson --

Mr. Pieuk: Thank you.

The Chair: -- that were in the middle of an inquiry and we do have a process to follow and it doesn't include comments. I believe I mentioned the first day we started this inquiry that we were not holding an open-mic session where people come up and make comments that they choose to, whether on point or off point, but thank you in any event. (page 225 lines 22-25; page 326 lines 1-15)

Exhibit B: The Picture!
The Defence

Blog Master Pieuk freely admits on May 18 of this year on his brithday and eve of the opening of the Douglas Inquiry he did, in fact, post this picture on his site as part of the article, Ever wonder what your member of Parliament would look like nude?

However, it should be pointed out since federally Canada has no re-call laws constituents are stuck with their Member of Parliament for the full term. If they are under performing or not performing there is no way to boot them out on their arse. Based on the Prime Minister's nude painting CSB reasoned the only hope voters had was to take up a collection and commission a painting of their MP. If they refused to step down then it would be publicly auctioned off.

And, yes, we did agree to post pictures of any nude paintings received but there were none. Had we received any we would have covered the subject's thing(s) with little red maple leafs much like the American Blog Above the Law did a couple years ago with the Lori Douglas pictures.

The law must make a distinction where a person's thing(s) are clearly shown versus where they are covered.

So how say you judge and jury readers, is Mr. Pieuk guilty as alleged by Ms. Block of distributing nude photographs of the Prime Minister?  


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