Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We are not the clowns!

Good Day Readers:

In National Post writer Christie Blatchford's coverage of Monday's Douglas Inquiry (Christie Blatchford: Manitoba judge's sex scandal quickly turns into a circus), there seems to be the suggestion Ms Cher Hazen and I as intervener applicants somehow were responsible for turning the Inquiry into a circus.

CyberSmokeBlog takes the position the circus was there long before we arrived on the scene by a couple of clowns who did some really stupid things. To make a statement in box car sized letters such as,

 "No one on the panel attempted to tell Hazen her remarks were wildly out of line, rein her in"

really misses the point. Perhaps that remark applies more to Ms Blatchford's article.

After all, taxpayers such as Cher Hazen pay the Big Fat salaries and benefits of those on the Inquiry Committee so at the very least they could at the minimum politely listen to what she had to say good bad or indifferent.

Talking with Ms Hazen outside the Inquiry it was evident she had poured a lot of work into her presentation.

She may not be a Harvard educated lawyer with all kinds of antecedents after her name but neither are you.

It matters not.Fact is, she's a single parent struggling to make ends meet who has been fighting before Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Family Division for 12-years to gain better access to her son. How many Mothers out of frustration would have simply thrown their hands in the air and walked away? Not this lady!

So you see, Ms Blatchford, you and the Inquiry Committee owe this lady some respect. To ask the Panel to give her 15-minutes of their time was nothing especially after what's she been through. You really blew it on this one!

Your standing as CbyerSmokeBlog's favourite reporter is currently under review. There are a couple young Globe and Mail and one Toronto Star court reporters who are looking pretty good these days..

Clare L. Pieuk


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