Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm-a-gonna talk-a-to Enzo!

Good-a-day Readers:

I's been said for a man to be successful in life he needs a good hairstylist, lawyer, accountant and tailor (they'll hide a lot of mistakes). A wife is optional.
 Or as Rudyard Kipling once said, "A woman is a woman but a least a good cigar is a smoke."

For what must be going on 20-years now we've been visiting Enzo every week if not for a haircut than a beard trim - he's good he's very good! Never had a bad one yet!

Problem is, for a while after one of our visits we start to talk a little bit like him. So what did he say to us yesterday?

"Clare, I'm-a-little disappointed with the Winnipeg Free Press - there's-a-nothing about the EuroCup-no-a-schedule no-a-write up about the teams."

So I-a-got to thinking on the walk-a-home (round trip about 4 1/2 hours - do it for the exercise) - Enzo thinks I'm-a-....... crazy!-why-a-not-a-ask him to write-a-short updates on the EuroCup in Italian with-a-English translation?

Then this-a-fall he can-a-file reports on his-a-Bocca Peshina team that-a-plays every week at Centro Cabot. I'm-a-gonna e-mail Enzo now.

Oggi: Italia = 1 Spagna = 1
Il signore Clare


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