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The complaint!

Good Day Readers:

We came to realize recently that although the Canadian Judicial Council had referenced Mr. Alex Chapman's complaint it had not been posted in its entirety. A couple e-mail to Alex Chapman, one as recently as a couple days ago, requesting such went unanswered so we decided to contact a media acquaintance who noted it was now contained in one of "The Tabs" but which one?

Shortly after the last phase of the Douglas Inquiry concluded (June 26 of this year), the Canadian Judicial Council had a massive document dump to its webpage ( There are 164 Tabs most containing multiple documents of evidence so you're talking hundreds of pages but which one? That's right, folks, it was 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... just like counting sheep. Finally, we struck gold at 137!

But our odyssey didn't end there. We were technically unable to print the complaint for transcription to the main page so had to copy it by hand then keyboard it onto CyberSmokeBlog.

So next time someone tells you the life of a Media Citizen Journalist/Blog Master is sexy, glamorous and full of excitement send them around to see us. Oh, and by the way it doesn't pay very well either.

Clare L. Pieuk


From: Chapman, Alex
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 11:12 AM
To: ''
Subject: FORMAL COMPLAINT: Sexual Harassment, Discrimination Conduct by Associate Chief Judge Lori Douglas and Husband Jack King

July 14, 2010

To whom it may concern

RE: Sexual Harassment, Discrimination conducted by Associate Chief Judge Lori Douglas and Husband Jack King

My name is Alexander Chapman. Today I have filed a complaint to the Manitoba Law Society regarding Sexual Harassment and Discrimination by the lawyer involved in this matter and I have received direction from the head of the Manitoba Law Society to contact your office to file a complaint on the Judge in this matter.
I am writing to bring to your attention an incident which involved "Sexual Harassment and Discrimination" towards me by Associate Chief Judge "Lori Douglas" and her husband, Family Lawyer "Jack King" during an extremely difficult time of my life.

By filing these formal complaints, I am hoping for some type of personal closure, and to also raise awareness on a situation that the judicial system should deal with in the best interest of the public

Summary of Incident

In October 2002 I terminated the services of a divorce lawyer I had been working with, and retained the services of a different family lawyer, Jack King, of the law firm Thompson Dorfman Sweatman located at 2200 - 201 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB to handle the divorce matter between myself and Janice Wendy Chapman.

Five months later during one of our meetings to discuss the divorce matter, Mr. King said to me "I want you to meet Lori." At that time Lori Douglas was a family lawyer and Partner of the same law firm as Jack King. Prior to this day, Mr. King wanted to know about my private life; he would ask me where I would generally hang out and who I would hang out with etc. Eventually, he even wanted me to recruit several black guys to have sex with is wife.

I did find his request strange especially coming from a lawyer and being from the law office they represented. However, I also felt obliged and vulnerable as I had no further money to seek other legal services. I agreed to his request not because I wanted to, but rather because I felt that he would not properly represent me at my divorce hearing if I did not comply. During this time I was extremely vulnerable and had severe anxieties around the circumstances of my divorce case which were compounded by the stress of losing my family.

I agreed to Mr. King's request to meet his wife because it seemed to me when I needed to speak to him regarding my divorce he was readily available and returned my calls unlike my previous lawyer. However, I made excuses to avoid having to attend their residence; such as I was working late; and at times I would actually sleep at my office as Mr. King would call me unexpectedly - I believed in an effort to test my excuses, deliberately to avoid having to attend to their residence as requested.

Mr. King had arranged for Lori and I to meet after work on two occasions at a local restaurant/bar of his choosing. I had suggested a place of my choosing because I was not comfortable meeting him and his wife in an unfamiliar environment. I would arrive at the restaurant and Mr. King would be there. A short time later his wife Lori Douglas would arrive. Mr. King would leave us and never return. Though I was concerned about the situation, I pretended to go along because I felt I had to in order to get my divorce completed. At the restaurant Lori and I would chat on many topics while engaging in physical touching. Throughout this time, I received emails with some 30 "extremely distasteful sexually explicit photos" of Lori Douglas and direction to different websites where they had also posted photos that cannot be described here. This was to entice me to their home at Birds Hill Park.

During the final week of my divorce, my estranged wife and I came to an agreement to settle the divorce. At this time Mr. King. and Lori had expected me to fulfill an obligation.

Earlier that week my then boss was questioning what I was doing sleeping in my office. I then discussed the matter and my concerns with my "boss" and he was shocked at the whole incident. I expressed my lost trust in a system that had failed me in more ways than one. At that time I did not know if I could even trust another lawyer.

Subsequently, I sought the services of another lawyer (Ian Histed) to address this matter. In summary the firm "TDS" and its partners, paid me money via Ian Histed to keep this matter confidential. I have never met with any of the other partners of TDS because I was afraid for my life and the impact the situation had on me at the time, as well as the ongoing stress from losing my family. I gave half of the money from TDS to Ian Histed to encourage him to handle this matter and for Mr. King and Ms. Douglas to leave me alone. Ian Histed completed the filing of my divorce matter within days of me signing the final paper work.

I can provide evidence with respect to the above photos, voicemail, and emails, should this be necessary.

Today, Jack King still practices family law, and his wife, Ms. Lori Douglas, in now Honourable Associate Chief Judge, appointed by our Prime Minister. It is hard to believe that the integrity of our judicial system has been so tarnished by those who are meant to uphold it. The judicial system presents itself as the higher standard.

This incident has emotionally scared me in may ways.

I can be reached at (204) 782-8558 or by email at (deleted) if you would like to discuss the mater further.

Yours Respectfully
Alex Chapman

Alex Chapman
Infrastructure Specialist
AISC Corporate Technology Specialist
Application Integration Solutions Centre
Great-West Life Assurance Company
(rest of address deleted)


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