Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fireworks at the Douglas Inquiry!

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Rather than regurgitate what happened at the Douglas Inquiry today here's a link to today's CBC Manitoba article, Judge's lawyer calls for sex scandal inquiry to fold - Panel to rule Friday on allegation of bias

Below are before and after videos of today's development. Instead we'd rather focus on what we think will likely happen.  


If tomorrow's ruling goes against Team Block-Reynolds, it has two options:

(1) File an appeal in the Federal Court of Canada

(2) Seek an injunction to stop proceedings

Examining the first, for an appeal to be successful it must be shown a legal proceeding that has run it's course (which the Inquiry hasn't) was fraught with errors such as points of law misinterpreted, inadmissible evidence entered in to the record or perhaps perjury (very difficult to prove). Statements such as, "I don't remember: or "I can't recall" or "I have no recollection" or "I don't know" ..... ad nauseam, as we witnessed, our insufficient. In our opinion, there are insufficient grounds

An injunction might have more of a chance whereby the proceedings are halted until all parties can agree on a formula for continuing.

Team Block's request for the Inquiry Committee to, in effect, recuse itself is unlikely to happen. Her accusation Chief Justice Fraser had conducted an inappropriate tribunal under Federal Court of Canada rules is too much of a stretch. In the Canadian Lawyer Magazine February 2012 Issue, Judging the judges by Michael McKieman (previously featured on this site), Rocco Galati, Alex Chapman's Inquiry lawyer, noted:

The process has to be transparent and it has to be effective. It doesn't mean they have to find against the judge, but it can't be this secretative," says Galati.

Our prediction? The best Team Block Reynolds can hope for is the cross-examination of Jack King by Inquiry Counsel George Macintosh is thrown out. The Committee recuse itself - no.

Should that happen it matters not. Even without this George Macintosh's cross-examination, very, very serious doubts have already been raised in Mr. King's that's my story and I'm sticking to it approach, Lori Douglas had no prior knowledge whatsoever of his part-time career as a photographer-internet entrepreneur has already been fatally wounded by the previous cross-examinations of Independent Counsel Team "Pratte the Cat" and "Crain the Pain," as well, as Rocco "The Predictor" Galati.

Clare L. Pieuk


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