Friday, July 27, 2012

Media Citizen Journalist/Blog Master is a "life style choice!"

Good Day Readers:

While Mr. Jack King's life style choice may have been glamorous ours certainly is not. Join us shortly for an exclusive behind-the-scenes inside look at the life of a Blogger. Follow us as we document what it's like running every day to the Douglas Inquiry then coming home to answer e-mail relating to a significant investigative report on which we're currently working then posting articles on CyberSmokeBlog.

We'll take you through our experience: living temporarily on Kraft Dinners; watching your apartment take on the appearance of being hit by a hurricane; the dirty laundry build up; dirty dishes in the sink; dusting what's that; fighting sleep depravation; owing e-mail responses to mothers who share their Manitoba Queen's Bench Family Division horror stories with you ..... and so it goes. To you single parent Moms we say, we feel your pain please be patient we will eventually answer your correspondence and post your concerns.

While Mr. King's life style choice, like his views on parental alienation, may for him be "hot and sexy" - personally we think he's out in left field without a glove - our life style choice is certainly not. But you know, as we remarked recently to half of Team Pratte-Crain, Kirsten Crain ("Crain the Pain"), "We wouldn't miss the Inquiry for all the tea in China ..... and more."

Please excuse us Readers while we catch up on some much needed sleep ..... the dirty dishes and laundry will have to wait.

Clare L. Pieuk


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