Friday, July 27, 2012

The evolution of Rocco "The Great Predictor" Galati!

Good Day Readers:

We always have to have names for individuals and Mr. Galati was no exception. With a Christian name like "Rocco" combined with the fact he used to practice kick boxing, "Rocky" was a natural choice. But then one day during a break in the proceedings, his Assistant, articling student Dushahi Sribavan (What a little sweetheart she is with a great future ahead of her!) was explaining Rocco Galati doesn't like being called "Rocky."

Well, who rounds the corner with clenched fist? That's right! So after Inquiry Counsel George Macintosh's masterful cross-examination of Senior Managing Thompson Dorfman Sweatman Partner Michael Sinclair, a New Rocky was born the result of his knock out of Mr. Sinclair at 1:43 of the first round. Thus the original Inquiry Rocky became "The ex-Champ!" that is until the other day when The New Rocky masterfully cross-examined Jack King.

In private conversation Mr. Galati predicted exactly what happen when Sheila Block tried to halt the Inquiry and so was born, "The Great Predictor!"

Very interesting gentleman. His business card lists him as fluent in six languages:


How many of you can make that claim?

We accompanied his Assistant and him back to their hotel at the Fort Garry a couple times since it was on our way home anyway the last occasion being yesterday after the Inquiry had adjourned.

Both were quite taken with Winnipeg saying they couldn't get over how cheap everything was compared to Toronto especially food. So we asked the Big Question, "While you've been here have either of you been bitten by one of our infamous huge mosquitos?
 Both had to unequivocally admit, "No!" So in return for Winnipeg's hospitality and this Blog's continued support, they have agreed upon return to Toronto they will begin a campaign to debunk the myth our city has the worst mosquitos in Canada.

And with that we rest our case ..... at least for now.

Clare L. Pieuk

Psst Readers: Don't be fooled. Oh for sure we'll now always publicly refer to Mr. Galati as "The Great Predictor" but in our heart of hearts you know he'll always be the Douglas Inquiry's original "Rocky!"


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