Friday, July 27, 2012

Team Block-Reynolds have very bad hair day at Douglas Inquiry!

Good Day Readers:

Chief Justice Catherine Fraser and the Committee whacked Team Block-Reynolds but good Friday in ruling the Inquiry will proceed in spite of Sheila Block's request that it be halted.Was there an apprehension of bias? Not so said the Review Panel citing a couple Supreme Court of Canada decisions to show unlike a trial a public inquiry has a broader mandate to search for the truth

Specifically the Review Panel took issue with/were unclear as to:

- The meaning of certain terms Mr. King used in his testimony

- "Life style choice" needed to be explained

- More evidence was required regarding Jack King's mental state at the time he "interneted" the pictures

- Was the $25,000 confidentiality agreement to protect him or his wife?

- His seemingly inconsistent affidavit and other information provided to the Manitoba Law Society

There are three ladies (Regina-based company) providing the transcripts. The one at the Inquiry sends the audio to two others (in Winnipeg) in virtually real time so the transcription process can begin almost immediately. At the end of the day, the third one joins the other two so by next morning the Committee has a proofed transcript that is shared with Inquiry Counsel George Macintosh.

The Chair went through several questions raised by Mr. Macintosh identifying them by page and line in the transcript citing specific responses provided earlier by Jack King to lead Independent Counsel Guy "Pratte the Cat" and Alex Chapman's lawyer Rocco "The Great Predictor" Galati.

After Ms Block's main objection had been skillfully dismantled by the Panel, an increasing desperate Sheila Block tried to argue using but one vague example, she had not been privy to all discussions among Counsel but that too was shot down. She was also criticized for not objecting when George "The New Rocky" Macintosh had earlier cross-examined Thompson Dorfman Sweatman Senior Managing Partner Michael Sinclair on the firm's supposedly thorough and complete internal investigation of Mr. Chapman's complaint against then employee Jack King.

In response to Sheila's Block's question, Chief Justice Fraser agreed to endeavour to get a written copy of the Panel's decision to her within two weeks. Could this possibly be Block-speak for another challenge to halt the proceedings?

Sheila Block then went on to re-affirm she would continue as Lori Douglas' lead Counsel - a swipe at Pratte the Cat who had earlier raised the possibility he might resign if the question of the role of Independent Counsel vis-a-vis that of Inquiry Counsel were not clarified. This portion of the proceedings ended by Mr. Pratte again seeking more definition of their roles.

All in all a very bad hair for Team Block-Reynolds who did not look amused as they exited the courtroom after the decision and a tad worse for wear.
We recommend the first thing they do upon their return to Toronto is run to their hair dressers as fast as they can!
Nice try ladies but no cigars for you. Besides, you'd only choke on them which would be a complete waste of a couple fine Davidoffs. Or in the immortal words of Rudyard Kipling, " A woman is a woman but at least a good cigar is a smoke."

Clare L. Pieuk


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