Friday, July 20, 2012

The Douglas Inquiry Day 5: Battle of the Sloppies!

A new Inquiry Rocky is born and it's not you know who! 
"Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!"
"Ring! Ring! Ring! ..... Oh probably Hollywood agents with million dollar book and movie deals for The New Rocky!

Good Day Readers:
P. Michael Sinclair, Q.C.

After Independent Counsel Team Pratte-Crain finished questioning Thompson Dorfman Sweatman Senior Managing Partner Michael Sinclair, the firm's point man for Douglas-King damage control, it was Team Block-Reynolds ACJ Douglas' defence team's turn. No fireworks there either.

Entering the ring now was Rocco "The Champ" Galati Counsel to Alex Chapman. He skillfully cross-examined the witness and while not scoring a direct knock out he did get in a couple pretty good verbal body shots. Mr. Sinclair didn't seem to have anything to counter Mr. Galati's constant left jab and occasional right hook combination which was very effective. He wobbled Michael Sinclair and had him hanging onto the ropes a few times. Rocco Galati is a superb strategist and tactician.

But the real hero of the day was Inquiry Counsel George "The New Rocky" Macintosh who scored a direct knock out. We have never seen such a masterful performance by a courtroom lawyer - low key, respectful and polite but ..... POW!

Mr. Sinclair had mentioned 15 TDS lawyers were told Jack King had been fired.

George Macintosh: "Of these 15 lawyers how many asked why?"

Mr. Sinclair: "None."

George Macintosh: "None? You mean to say 15 of the firm's lawyers were told Mr. King had been terminated and not even one was interested enough or bothered to ask why?"

"7 ... 8 ... 9 ... 10 ... You're out!"
"And the Inquiry winner by a first round knock out at 1:43, George 'The New Rocky' Macintosh!"

Michael Sinclair seemed to almost cruise into the courtroom looking slightly self-contented even smug but as he left that seemed to have disappeared. Passing by Independent Counsel Guy Pratte, Mr. Pratte reached out to tap him on the arm. Good thing CyberSmokeBlog hadn't received citizen oversight intervener standing otherwise it would have found a way to trip him or failing that kick him in the slats.

Ian Histed was next up no fireworks there. He's the lawyer who negotiated the $25,000 "shut the you know what up" deal with Jack King's lawyer William Gange of Gange Goodman & French.

Monday after Mr. Histed finishes his testimony it will be feature attraction Jack Anthony King!

Join CSB in hailing the new Inquiry Rocky George Macintosh. Sorry Mr. Galati you've been replaced.

Clare L. Pieuk


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