Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Will "The New Rocky' knock out Jack King?

Good Day Readers:

Had a chance to chat briefly with George "The New Rocky" Macintosh Counsel to the Douglas Inquiry. He won his crown last week for his beyond masterful cross-examination of Thompson Dorfman Sweatman Senior Managing Partner Michael Sinclair.
Mr. Sinclair was the designated point man for "Operation Damage Control" designed to minimize fall out from the Alex Chapman TDS complaint against Jack King and Lori Douglas then employed by this BigLaw firm.

No sooner had Michael Sinclair finished telling the Inquiry the firm's was satisfied it had conducted a thorough and complete internal investigation into the matter, as evidenced by the fact 15 Thompson Dorfman Sweatman lawyers had been apprised Mr. King had been fired, the low key, urbane affable Mr. Macintosh simply asked, "And how many inquired as to the reason?"

"None" replied Mr. Sinclair. "None? How could that be? Not one asked the most natural question when given the news?" KABOOM! And with that The New Rocky was crowned! His comment had the impact of a verbal left hook-right cross-upper cut combination. Sadly we had to relegate Alex Chapman's Counsel Rocco Galati to "The Ex-Champ!"

Had a chance to briefly talk with Mr. Macintosh prior to the start of the Inquiry yesterday. Our question was if the Review Panel had issues why didn't its Members ask them directly. The always respectful and helpful New Rocky explained it was simply to facilitate the process. It was easier for him to do it if the Committee had 30-40 questions. To which we add, in that case you'd likely have seen some mini-huddling as the Judges conferred with one another.

We told The New Rocky his performance last week was the most impressive we've yet seen by a lawyer in a courtroom - and we've witnessed lots. Decided not to ask whether he'd be called upon to cross-examine Jack King because we didn't wish to put him on the spot. However, should that happen Mr. King you should be afraid, you should be very afraid!

The Independent Counsel "Team Pratte the Cat" and "Crain the Pain" are expected to finish their questioning of Jack King early this morning after which it will be Team Block-Reynolds representing ACJ Douglas' turn. Finally, Rocco "The Ex-Champ" Galati will come out of his corner verbally swinging.

CyberSmokeBlog will be there watching and listening to see if George Macintosh will be given an opportunity to cross-examine Mr. King. We will be watching him closely.
Our prediction? If The New Rocky is given a chance to have a go at Mr. King it will tits up (Sorry ladies!) for him at 1.27 of the first round.

Clare L. Pieuk


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