Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Martin Freedman on the move?

Good Day Readers:

We have spent part of the day chasing down rumours Manitoba Court of Appeal Judge Martin Freedman has reached the mandatory retirement age of 75 and will be leaving the bench to re-join his former BigLaw firm Aikins McCauley. A formal announcement is not expected until sometime after the Labour Day weekend.

For Douglas Inquiry aficionados, you may recall he testified last month regarding his involvement as Head of the Judicial Appointments Committee that was responsible for recommending to The Office of the Commissioner for Judicial Affairs Canada, and ultimately the Federal Minister of Justice, that Lori Douglas be appointed to the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench.

Will this pave the way for the appointment of Vic Toews to the Manitoba Court of Appeal as has been heavily rumoured?
Clare L. Pieuk


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