Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MayRod meets 'Spike!'

"Jeezus did you hear the latest about MayRod and 'Spike?'"

Good Day Readers:

Ever notice how when celebrities get into trouble one of their first actions is to start shutting down their Facebook Pages. Well, its happened again. MayRod (Maygan Sensenberger-Rod Zimmer) Canada's latest "Water Cooler Couple" have done just that.

Privacy settings for her photographs once open for all to see have now been revised so they are no longer accessible to the public. Hell, the Page for her wedding has even been completely pulled down.
Then there's Spike Wells. It seems Dirty Harry (Prince Harry) who's been masquerading as 'Spike' deleted his Facebook Page after getting caught cavorting naked with the ladies of Las Vegas - the bloody little randy!

When will they learn?

Clare L. Pieuk


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