Friday, October 26, 2012

The Delichte File

Good Day Readers:

Spent the morning at Manitoba Court of Appeal in Karyn L. Delichte (pronounced "Delight") versus Brendan N. Rogers File Number: FD04-01-73022. CyberSmokeBlog is focusing on this particular case because it believes it is the poster child for what's wrong in Family Court not just in Manitoba but everywhere. Long story short, it's in crisis badly in need of a major overhaul.

Ms Delichte, a Winnipeger, is in a PhD candidate (Psychology) at the University of California while Mr. Brendan Rogers, a former Winnipeg Blue Bomber (linebacker), is a Certified Financial Advisor with RBC Winnipeg.
Why a poster child? The case: dates to March of 2004; has an incredible 400 filings; 11 Justices and 5 Masters have been involved.

Karyn Delichte spent much of the morning arguing her appeal which, by the way, was better than a lot of lawyers CSB has observed over the years in both Queen's Bench and Provincial Court. If you didn't know you would have thought she was a veteran attorney.

Brendan Rogers was represented by Jack Anthony King (of Douglas Inquiry fame) and a second unidentified solicitor. Mr. King spoke briefly at the end in response to three questions asked by Judge Freda M. Steel.
CyberSmokeBlog was advised Mr. Rogers was seated in the gallery with a lady identified as a friend.

After a brief recess, the Panel returned and Judge Steel read the decision. CSB kept copious notes. As soon as the written decision has been filed with the Appellate Court, CyberSmokeBlog will post it along with its analysis/comments.

Clare L. Pieuk


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