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How say you Canadian Judicial Council?

Norman Sabourin Executive Director and Senior General Counsel
British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg
Lubomyr Prytulak

October 26, 2012
Kari Simpson asks conflicted Canadian Judicial Council to jointly petition the Justice Minister for Public Inquiry
Langley, British Columbia, October 26, 2012 (RoadKill Radio) - Kari Simpson, founder of and the plaintiff in one of Canada's most notorious cases of judicial corruption, in tightening the squeeze on Canada's so-called justice system, demanding accountability and a Parliamentary Inquiry.

In a letter today to Norman Sabourin, Executive Director of the Canadian Judicial Council, Simpson invites the CJC to jointly petition the Justice Minister, asking him to convene an inquiry into the troubling matters related to her 2004 lawsuit, Simpson versus Mair & WIC. Simpson points out the obvious conflict of interest the CJC would have in investigating this matter. She states:

It would be a fruitless campaign to convince any reasonable-minded Canadian that the allegations I assert could be heard by an unbiased investigator or panel of the CJC's choosing - not when the CJC itself is alleged to be culpable.

The case central to Simpson's complaint involves one of the leading defamation cases in Canada. The trial judge in that matter, Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg, failed to disclose to the parties that she was not qualified to preside over the case as a result of her own personal legal problems that included her spouse being sued for defamation, vilification, libel, and promotion of religious hatred - ironically the same fact pattern involved in the Simpson versus Mair

To make matters worse, Justice Koenigsberg engaged in an unlawful activity, the fraudulent conveyance of a personal asset worth close to a million dollars at the time, in an attempt to thwart a legal claim against the property while presiding over the Simpson Case. (A Summary Brief of the events can be found here). Be warned, while it reads like a movie of the week, the accounts contained herein are true. The names have not been changed as there is no one to protect as innocent.)

The most troubling aspect of this case is the fact that numerous lawyers and judges know about these facts and failed to act in a matter that would inspire confidence and trust among Canadians. instead, it appears the judicial wagons circled, and the unwritten code of silence was invoked, Simpson says. In her letter to the CJC, Simpson states:

I trust that after your review of this information, you will agree that while the events of fraud, corruption, defamation, obstruction of justice, violation of my rights and defilement of the judicial machinery aren't as carnally salacious as the Justice Lori Douglas matter, they are, in fact, far more serious and damaging to the administration of justice; and when proven true, they will deliver a certain death blow to the theory that judges can be trusted to police themselves.

Simpson also provided the CJC Executive Director with a prepared petition, addressed to The Honourable Rob Nicholson - a petition upon which her own signature is already penned.

The petition also cites serious and disconcerting conduct that the justices named are alleged to have engaged in - conduct that, if proven true, should result in a major overhaul of the so-called justice system, and how Canada's judges are monitored.

"Judicial independence should be used to protect the courts from government interference," says Simpson, "but not as a shield to hide judicial malfeasance."


Kari Simpson (604) 514-1614


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