Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Old "cobra eyes!"

Good Day Readers:

Late last night/early this morning while channel surfing (Shaw Cable Vision TV 119), happened upon About Schmidt (2002) - had never heard of it. Long story short, Omaha retired insurance salesman Jack Nicholson (recently lost wife of 42-years) sets off in a motor home for Denver where his daughter is about to marry into a family of real losers intent on trying to prevent it. Cobra eyes is excellent - highly recommended.

Then came Lisa and Peter Popoff popping off with miracle cures for any affliction you could possible have.


"PP" is an American version of Canada's Benny Hinn.

Further evidence, not that you needed it, Shaw takes its commitment to "high quality entertainment" very, very seriously - and so should you ..... and so should you.
To provide its customers with high quality entertainment, information and communications, services, utilizing a variety of distribution technologies.

Clare L. Pieuk


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