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The Koenigsberg Affair ..... Canadian Judicial Council: "Move along folks there's nothing to see here!"

Good Day Readers: resulted from Simpson versus Mair & WIC Radio a defamation case that made it to the Supreme Court of Canada. Along the way RKR founder Kari Simpson uncovered several shortcomings in the justice system for which she is now seeking redress via a public inquiry into the conduct of British Columbia Superior Court Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg.
RoadKill Radio founder Kari Simpson

Ms Simpson is asking that:

1. The judgment in the case be voided

2. Some form of inquiry, preferably a Parliamentary Inquiry, be convened

3. A public apology issued

4. Safeguards put in place so others seeking access to their right to a fair hearing will not have to first "fix" the system

5. Justice is not only done but seen to be done

On October 6 of this year Kari Simpson sent the following letter to Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin to which she has yet to receive a reply. In the days, weeks and months ahead CyberSmokeBlog will be publishing documentation from her case.
British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Koenigsberg

Clare L. Pieuk

Kari D. Simpson
PO Box 12014
Murrayville Square
Langley, BC V3A 9J5
Telephone: (604) 514-1614/Facsimile: (604) 514-1669

Attention: Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada

Canadian Judicial Council
Ottawa Ontario
K1A 0W8

Attention: Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
Canadian Judicial Council Chairperson

Via Facsimile: (613) 288-1575

October 6, 2012

Re: Canadian Judicial Council, Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg

Dear Madam Chief Justice McLachlin:

This letter is addressed to you in your capacity as Chairperson of the Canadian Judicial Council, hoping you can explain why a very simple request addressed to the CJC more than a month ago has not even been acknowledged, let alone answered - and also in the hope that you as Chair, might yourself be able to answer the three questions in that request, reproduced below.

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August 24, 2012

Re: Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please advise the writer as to whether or not the Canadian Judicial Council, or any member of the Canadian Judicial Council has:

1. Received any form of complaint against Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg of the Supreme Court of British Columbia

2. Investigated Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg of the Supreme Court of British Columbia

3. Requested or directed any individual group or other organization/agency to conduct or review any form of investigation into any matter or matters involving Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg of the Supreme Court of British Columbia

Thank you in advance for your answers to my request.

For your information, I have read, studied and watched a number of your speeches. Your continuous advertisement for your view of Judicial Independence - which, of course, is dependent upon public trust and confidence in the judiciary to police themselves - seems to be in jeopardy. As such, I am providing you with an opportunity to inspire confidence in your view of "Judicial Independence" and to assure Canadians that "Judicial Independence" isn't being abused as a shield to protect bad judges. Your answers to the above questions and the others posed will be appreciated.

Thousands of Canadians are already familiar with my case, and are watching the events unfold as they become public on and the Drive For Justice series; many have started to ask questions. One of the questions asked is why Justice Koenigsberg, sitting as a Supreme Court Judge in the coveted venue of Vancouver, BC would suddenly decide to sell her million-dollar home just 15 minutes from the Vancouver court house and instead sit as a supernumerary judge in Smithers, BC. You must admit the timing - 2008-2009 - is a bit suspicious. It has been suggested to me, on more than a few occasions, that perhaps Justice Koenigsberg was disciplined for her shenanigans in the fraudulent conveyance of her home, and/or perhaps for sitting on my case (and others) while not qualified to do so.

I trust by now you have come to realize that I take very seriously my democratic duty and rights. I don't like liars or judicial cheats - or those who violate my rights to a fair and impartial hearing. You might recall my request for a Re-hearing. I could sense at the time that something was disconcerting, almost bizarre. Justice Koenigsberg is not without intelligence, yet she got so much wrong - perhaps too much Little did I know, back then, what was transpiring behind the scenes, that I was unlocking what seemingly now appears to be at least one or two Judicial Pandora's Boxes.

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As you can appreciate, it would be a very serious event if, in fact, the CJC was informed of Justice Koenigsberg's legal problems/antics and failed to advise me of other parties appearing before her that her role as a jurist was tainted and/or fatally compromised.

Equally serious is the scenario that a statutorily-appointed member of the CJC - in this case the late Chief Justice Donald Brenner - with full knowledge of the conduct and antics of Justice Marvyn Koenigsberg as they relate to the legal matters involving Mr. Gary Kurtz, and her presiding over my case - failed to inform the CJC about them.

These are troubling facts, either way, for your campaign to convince Canadians that our judges can be trusted to police themselves.

I have enclosed another copy of my letter to the Prime Minister and the summary brief I prepared for him about these matters. This correspondence is being sent to you by receipted courier. I think it prudent to be able to prove you have been informed of the facts detailed herein for legal purposes - facts of which I am advised you already have some knowledge of but have failed to act upon appropriately. It is a bit ironic, but the longer you allow this farce to continue, the more responsibility you will bear. "Not only must justice be done; it must also be seen to be done."

I look foreard to your answers (or those of a CJC representative) to the 3 simple questions I have asked above. I have also included a few more questions that informed Canadians have asked. Perhaps you could take the time, in the interest of "judicial independence" to respond to those, as well, I suspect that sooner or later, Canadians will have them answered, one way or another.

A few questions Drive For Justice Canadian followers want answers to:

1. How can a judge who engages in the fraudulent conveyance of her property and then further defames a Plaintiff that appeared before her, continue to be allowed to sit as judge to the Supreme Court of BC?

2. How many judges and lawyers will be implicated in engaging in judicial shenanigans and covering-up the unlawful antics of Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg?

3. Clearly Justice Koenigsberg, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, Rafe Mair and CKNW are liars and judicial cheats; otherwise they would have sued Simpson by now for publicly outing them as such. The question is: How long will it take before the Simpson versus Mair et. al. at trial is voided and will Chief Justice McLachlin be forced to resign and/or apologize?

4. What do you think Kari Simpson should do next?

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Yours sincerely,
(Original signed by Kari Simpson)
Kari D. Simpson


Correspondence to Prime Minister Harper dated July 6, 2012
Summary Brief of Simpson versus Mair et. al.; WICRadio versus Simpson
Correspondence to CJC (August 24, 2012)
Correspondence to Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice (October 6, 2012)
Correspondence to the late then Chief Justice Donald Brenner (February 20, 2009)

Copied and distributed generally to Canadians, judicial and other legal associations and their members, public interest groups and associations, the Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, elected representatives and members of the Senate.

Truth will always make an appearance, sometimes she just waits for a bigger stage to be built. is now built.


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