Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Train Wreck and The CCCL ..... a first novel by Christopher J. Budgell

Good Day Readers:

CyberSmokeBlog is indeed fortunate to have Vancouver-based Chris Budgell as a regular contributor. Although a layperson, his legal research while struggling for justice in the British Columbia courts and later the Canadian Judicial Council is beyond top drawer. From the links provided below, his ongoing communication with the CJC reads more like Alice in Wonderland which is why CSB would suggest if he does write an e-book perhaps a more appropriate title might be, Travels with the Canadian Judicial Council - An Alice in Wonderland Case Study.
Highly recommend you check out the links provided by Mr. Budgell they're fascinating and it's only going to get better in the weeks and months ahead guaran "you know what" teed. Should he decide to write an e-book we think it will have the makings of a Giller Prize Canada's most prestigious literary award for English fiction.

Clare L. Pieuk

Dear Mr. Pieuk:

As you know, Neil Whittman is the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench Chief justice and Canadian Judicial Council member who set the Douglas Inquiry train wreck in motion during January 2011 just after he, according to a letter sent to me by the CJC:


had dismissed my first complaint.


In searching his name, I came upon an interesting organization called, The Canadian College of Construction Lawyers:


The first name on this list is that of a recently retired Supreme Court of Canada Justice


and the fourth that of Canada's Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin. There are several lists of names here worth pursuing. And when I found this site my first thought was of the ongoing corruption inquiry in Montreal. It makes sense that the vast and powerful construction industry has a lot of expensive lawyers on tap.

This site is more evidence that the judges, as much as the rest of the legal establishment, maintain close connections with such powerful interests - a web connectivity of which the public is unaware.

This, in my view, is absolutely wrong. For the Judges to have a legitimate claim of "independence" they must divorce themselves from such connections, as soon as, they are appointed to the Bench. And given that the appointment is "for life," they should not be free to retire or resign whenever it suits them and then resume their former careers. But as we see SCC Justices routinely do this.



Thank you for your very, very insightful comments the last of which (bold) we couldn't agree more!

Here's another connection. for you. Justice William Binnie, to whom you linked, since retired from the land's highest court was the Justice who wrote the decision in the 2008 defamation case Simpson versus Mair & WIC using the phrase "roadkill" to describe Ms Simpson's experience that subsequently spawned the highly successful RoadKill Radio (http://driveforjustice.com) that is now going after British Columbia's legal establishment with a vengance. Based on her research and writings one should never, ever underestimate this lady!

As the late Frank Sinatra once said, "Massive success is the best revenge." If I were British Columbia's legal establishment, as well as, "The Supremes" I'd be concerned I'd be very concerned!


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