Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Well do you Federal Department of Justice?" You go girl!
Road Kill Radio Founder Kari D. Simpson

Good Day Readers:

Ms Simpson is calling for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the conduct of British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg in Simpson versus Mair & WIC.
If an inquiry is convened it will have all the elements of a D Grade movie about British Columbia's legal establishment - all the elements save for a first degree murder rivalling anything you've seen to date in the Douglas Inquiry save for the salacious pictures.

Kari Simpson has done her homework in spades. Her letter to Prime Minister Harper (July 6, 2012) documenting her arguments for an inquiry spans 32-pages. That to Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin (October 6, 2012) 4-pages. Suffice it to say this lady is not backing down she's got huge conones in spades!

Clare L. Pieuk

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Federal Department of Justice


Further to my discussion with Carole (contact information given as

I have been directed to provide this information to I have been told that this is where complaints are vetted.

Be advised that to date I have not received a response from ANYONE. "ANYONE" includes the Prime Minister, the Federal Justice Minister, Chief Justice of Canada Mclachin, the Canadian Judicial Council and going back to 2009 the late Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia Donald Brenner and others.

The matter must be resolved.

I want to be advised if the Justice Minister intends to investigate this matter or if he is refusing to address the violations of my rights and the apparent judicial corruption and cover-up that are transpiring within the courts.

I want to know the status of my case with the Justice Department and the name of the person or persons reviewing the more than necessary amount of documentation I have already provided.

I appreciate that the Minister for Justice could be found to be in conflict if he had knowledge of the facts involving Koenigsberg's J and is complicit in "over-looking" such facts when he assigned her vacated Vancouver seat to another Judge. The details about this event are in my letter that is attached to this correspondence, a letter that was sent by registered mail and confirmed as being received.

If the Minister is determined to be in conflict or perceive conflict and can not participate in the Department's review/investigation of these serious matters I want to know the name and position of the individual thereafter assigned.

I have also attached my recent correspondence to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. It is self-evident I have also posted below links to information I have already previously sent to Minister Nicholson but to ensure your receipt I am providing them again to you.

The link referencing "Sabourin" is my recent letter to Norman Sabourin Executive Director and Senior General Counsel for the CJC, detailing the obvious conflict of the CJC in my case and requesting that the CJC jointly petition the Minister or someone else if there is a perceived conflict, to investigate or convene a Parliamentary Inquiry.

The link identified as "Summery Brief" will take you to the Brief I prepared for the Prime Minister and also copied to the Justice Minister. It is not an exhaustive account of the events but suffices in presenting damning indictment of the unlawful judicial shenanigans that have played out in this matter.

The last link is my letter to the Prime Minister. Hollowing the letter is another copy of the Summery Brief but also included in that information is my letter to the late Chief Justice Brenner about his assignment of Koenigsberg, J to my case.

Please confirm as to whether or not the Justice Department is willing to investigate the serious matters identified herein by November 8, 2012.

If you need more information or clarification please contact me directly.


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