Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The process server .....!

Good Day Readers:

Attended Mr. Alex Chapman's appeal hearing Tuesday afternoon along with approximately 10-12 others three of whom were reporters. He is appealing a July 4, 2012 Court Order by Queen's Bench Justice Chris Martin that he repay the $25,000 lawyer Jack King gave him as part of a confidentiality agreement to surrender all photographs and e-mail in his possession relating to Mr. King's wife Associate Chief Justice Lori Douglas and not discuss the matter publicly.

In a proceeding that lasted approximately an hour and a half, Mr. Chapman argued at length followed by brief arguments by Mr. King's lawyer William Gange (Gange Goodman & French).
Alex Chapman was then given the opportunity to enter a rebuttal into the record. After an adjournment that had to be a record - about 3 minutes - the Panel of  Judges (three) returned to announce it was taking the matter under advisement..

During arguments, CyberSmokeBlog noticed a gentleman at the back who appeared to have a bit of an edge but never gave it any more thought, that is, until be began talking with Mr. Gange in the courtroom as soon as the hearing had adjourned.

After everyone had filed out of the courtroom and several were still milling about, the gentleman approached Alex Chapman and handed him a document which he refused to accept so it was dropped at his feet. Amazingly, everyone departed down the hallway leaving the document on the floor outside Courtroom 330. As an exemplary/ law abiding/senior media citizen journalist/Blog Master, CSB did it's duty and retrieved the document which it then turned over to a Deputy Registrar in Queen's Bench File Registry. And with that it had done its duty to God and Queen.

But what was that document?

Clare L. Pieuk


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