Thursday, November 29, 2012

Urban legend or true ..... Manitoba Law Courts staff used to pee to much?

Good Day Readers:

If you've been at the Manitoba Law Courts you'll notice in the lobby there's a very impressive, large, tasteful plant arrangement, fountain and mini-canal system. A couple years ago while chatting with a sheriff CSB asked why the fountain had been discretely camouflaged (plants) and there was no water?

Well, although the sheriff was not there when it happened he told the story that about 20 years ago there was indeed water, problem was, the noise of it cascading over the fountain caused employees, or so management thought, to take too many pee breaks. After laughing increduously, CyberSmokeBlog decided to check this out with a couple veteran staffers and, yes, it is true. Management it its infinite wisdom ordered the water removed several years ago..

This thought was occasioned the other day while passing through perimeter security. Can't help smiling every time the disguised fountain comes into view..

Wait until you hear the one about the old school bus that was used in bygone days to transport prisoners to the Law Courts before the then new Remand Centre was built across the street several years ago. Laugh as you will and you will.

Clare L. Pieuk


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