Tuesday, January 08, 2013

But where's "Meathead?"

Good Day Readers:

Received the following anonymous e-mail regarding recent CyberSmokeBlog postings about the expensive taxpayer sideshow the Douglas Inquiry has become reminiscent of All in the Family don't you think?

Clare L. Pieuk

I refer to Frank McArdle and Beverley McLachlin (husband and wife) as a matching pair of fossils. She's the Chair of the Canadian Judicial Council and he's the Executive Director of the Canadian Superior Court Judges Association (http://www.cscja-acjcs.ca/staff-en.asp?l=3). And isn't the CSCJA also now before the Federal Court of Canada seeking intervener standing at the Douglas Inquiry?

I don't know when Mr. McArdle got that job (and how much he is paid - it may be just a nominal sum). It must have been long after he married Chief Justice McLachlin. Is there a conflict of interest there? Apparently that's a question no one has ever asked. I figure the fact that no one would even raise that question is more evidence that they see themselves as not subject to the same principles they use to deliberate on the conduct of others. They expect total deference from the public and the media has certainly delivered that.

As for the National Justice Institute, I'm interested in learning more about that organization. To paraphrase what Philip Slayton noted in his book on the Supreme Court of Canada Judges, McLachlin seems to love having a whole closet full of hats. And, if she hangs in there till she's 75 she'll either have the record or be very close to having served longer than any previous SCC Judge or Chief Justice.

And .....

Did you guys know that in addition to Chairing the Canadian Judicial Council, Chief Justice McLachlin also heads the National Judicial Institute? There's more. Ms McLachlin's hubby Frank McArdle is the Executive Director of the Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association! Laughing, I spoke to him, he was very helpful when I was trying to track down the lawyer it (CSCJA) retained to represent the Association (seeking intervener standing) at the Lori Douglas Inquiry. But wait! Do I understand this correctly? The CSCJA is headed by Beverley McLachlin's husband who is lobbying for a case before the Canadian Judicial Council headed by his wife?

Don't you just love families that play together!

A matching pair of fossils?


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