Wednesday, January 02, 2013

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Dear CyberSmokeBlog:

Just read your posting about implicit bias and note you said I was successful in the British Columbia Court of Appeal in 2003.

Actually it was the BC Supreme Court where I was successful (nominally anyway) in a judgment issued in January. And that's when my education really began. By the end of the year I was exhausted from dealing with the continued machinations of the Labour Relations Board which was really just stalling, awaiting the judgment of the Court of Appeal that they all presumed would end my pursuit of justice.

So, in those two courts my experience was the opposite of Kari Simpson's (founder RoadKill Radio News/Drive For Justice). I initially won but, of course, lost in every subsequent action.

For a quick review you can go to the BC Courts home page (, enter my last name under "Case Name" and submit. I guess I must be the black sheep of the family. The six judgments are in chronological order, so at the bottom of the list is my sole success. That entire record is of strategic importance because in every case I was dealing with one or the other of the legal establishment's gatekeeper devices, and the judgment in the tort action (Number 4) says that my effort was "vexatious" and "an abuse of process."

That's part of what is at stake when I get before a judge again. A judgment in my favour would put all the previous judgments in doubt (and I'm including the first one because I should never have been sent back to the LRB).
Chris J. Budgell

Dear Chris Budgell:

Thank you for correcting the error plus the additional information you provided about your struggle for justice as a self-rep. CyberSmokeBlog admires your courage, determination and perseverance in challenging a "justice" system that is heavily stacked in favour of the legal establishment and those with money. Most would have given up long before now.Too bad there aren't more black sheep like you out there.

Clare L. Pieuk


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