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"You're Number One! You're Number One! You're Number One! ....."

Good Day Readers:

As is CyberSmokeBlog's custom, it likes to regularly surf legal websites and blogs to see what nefarious deeds the legal establish's little critters are up to these days. On one such recent trip CSB found:

As many of you know George Macintosh is Counsel to the Douglas Inquiry. Every time CyberSmokeBlog has approached him during breaks or when it unsuccessfully applied for intervener standing, he has always been most accommodating and helpful which has earned him the moniker, "Gentleman George."

Unlike too many lawyers and Crowns CSB has had to deal with at The Manitoba Law Courts who seem to possess a misplaced sense of entitlement, Mr. Macintosh is cut from "good black cloth" (Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations) - old school good manners. But he's also good he's very good.

At the behest of the Inquiry Committee, in a move designed to facilitate the process (easier for one person to re-examine a witness than five Panel Members going back and forth), Mr. Macintosh was called upon to re-cross two key witnesses after Independent Counsel Guy "The Cat" Pratte had finished. It seems there was simply too much unanswered or vague testimony left on the table.

One of the re-examines was "Polaroid" Jack King ("Mr. Pictures") married to Manitoba Queen's Bench Associate Chief Justice (Family Division) Lori Douglas.  
Too bad cameras are not allowed at the Inquiry. In short, true to his name George Macintosh literally shredded Mr. King on the witness stand doing so in a gentlemanly manner. It was masterful the best CyberSmokeBlog has seen to date. What a superb training video it would have made for the boys and girls in law school - This is how it's done! narrated by Gentleman George Macintosh.

Is it little wonder shortly thereafter Sheila "The Tank" block lead Counsel for Ms Douglas' three person taxpayer financed legal team went the equivalent of legally ballistic filing a Motion in the Federal Court of Canada requesting Mr. Macintosh not only be barred from re-examining any remaining witnesses but also asking that the testimony of the two he'd already "scorched" be struck from the record?

Not to be outdone, Complainant Alex Champman's lawyer Rocco Galati (Mr. Good Guy!) filed his own Motion with the FCC calling for the Canadian Judicial Council to release Mr. Pratte's apparently lengthy resignation letter. He abruptly stepped down as Independent Counsel shortly after the Inquiry recessed during July of last year. Mr. Good Guy too is awaiting a ruling..

Alex Chapman (left) and "Mr. Good Guy"
Inquiry stars "The Cat" (left) and "The Tank"

All of which brings us to Federal Court of Canada Judge Mireille Tabib who on November 30th of last year was assigned to preside over a full day Hearing of the aforementioned Motions plus a couple others one of which was filed by "The Tank" to quash the Inquiry like a little pain in the ass bug on the basis of an alleged apprehension of bias against her client. So here the "Public" Inquiry sits almost five months later with no update from the CJC's brainchild like a car stalled in neutral.
Readers, meet Mr. John J. L. Hunter of Vancouver BigLaw Hunter Litigation Chambers.
On April 14 of this year CyberSmokeBlog wrote to Mr. Macintosh (and Stormin' Norman Sabourin, The Council's Executive Director/Senior Legal Council/Head of Gatekeeper Services) pointing out it was rapidly approaching five months and no rulings had yet been handed down on the Motions. Further, given what to most taxpayers would appear to be an inordinate period of time, was the CJC prepared to re-convene without benefit of said rulings while noting in the interim The Council had posted no updates on its website nor issued any Press Releases?

Perhaps it's worth noting in the end taxpayers will be footing the bill for the Inquiry's cost and, as such, deserve better service. Gentleman George promptly replied (April 16th - almost same day service just like your shirts!) advising CSB he is not Inquiry Council regarding the Federal Court Motions and that we should contact Mr. Hunter which we did the same day. We're still awaiting a reply.

So to you, Sir, we say, "congratulations on your award, and hope to see you at the Inquiry, that is, if it ever resumes."

Clare L. Pieuk 
31 August 2012

Best Lawyers Names George Macintosh,Q.C. Vancouver’s 2013 Legal Malpractice Lawyer of the Year

Best Lawyers, the oldest peer-review publication in the legal profession, has named George K. Macintosh,Q.C. as Vancouver’s “Legal Malpractice Law Lawyer of the Year” for 2013.

Only a single lawyer in each community is being honoured as the “Lawyer of the Year” in their respective practice area. The lawyers are recognized as having earned a “high level of respect among their peers for their abilities, professionalism, and integrity.”

At the same time, George was selected for inclusion in the seventh edition of Best Lawyers in Canada in the practice areas of Bet-The-Company Litigation, Legal Malpractice Law, and Corporate and Commercial Litigation.

George Macintosh leads the litigation group at Farris where he has practiced since his call to the Bar of British Columbia. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in British Columbia in 1987, elected as a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers in 1991 and a Fellow of the International Society of Barristers in 2001.


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