Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trailer Park Boys finally weigh in on Douglas Inquiry!

Ricky: "Julian, after reading this latest CyberSmokeBlog article I keep telling you that Douglas Inquiry it totally f....d!"

Julian: "Ricky, you need to lighten up and chill out ..... smoke a couple more joints and drink some beer! Stop worrying Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin keeps reassuring us we have one of the best judicial systems in the world!"

Bubbles: "This latest development sure sounds greasy I think I'll pound more beer into me! My little kitties are smarter than many of these lawyers and judges."

Good Day Readers:

As it is given to doing, CyberSmokeBlog decided to have a quick look at the Douglas Inquiry Federal Court of Canada file the other day to see what nefarious little deeds tone deaf lawyers and judges associated with the Inquiry are perpetuating upon taxpayers. To our its utter amazement this it what CSB found. Perhaps Julian, Ricky and Bubbles got it right after all!

Court Number: T-1567-12
Style of Cause: The Honourable Lori Douglas versus Attorney General of Canada
Nature: Application for Judicial Review
Proceeding Category: Section 18.1 Applications
Type of Action: Non-Action
(184 records found)

DocDate FiledOfficeRecorded Entry Summary
-2013-06-25OttawaLetter from Applicant dated 25-JUN-2013 re: "Please bring this letter to the attention of Prothonotary Tabib, the Case Management Judge for the above-noted application, on an urgent basis. As the Court is aware, the Canadian Judicial Council Inquiry Committee and Independent Counsel are appealing Prothonotary Tabib's rulings on their motions to intervene in this application. Both the Committee and Independent Counsel unilaterally made their appeals returnable July 3, the date of the special sitting of the Court to hear the Applicant's motion to stay the CJC proceedings pending resolution of the application. The Court registry hearings coordinator is now trying to determine whether all three motions (the stay and the two appeals) can be heard on the same day..." (received and scanned to CMJ prior to Directions dated 25-JUN-2013) received on 25-JUN-2013

Bearing in mind CyberSmokeBlog is not a Philadelphia lawyer, what the aforementionded court record seems to be saying is Federal Court of Canada Judge Tabib ruled that Counsel representing the Canadian Judicial Council, as well as, Independent Inquiry Counsel Suzanne "Push My Re-Set Button" Cote could not present anything at Lori Douglas' application hearing before the FCC in which she is trying to get the charges (i.e. allegations - four) against her dismissed. The CJC and "Re-Set's" appeal hearing has been set for July 3rd.

CJC Counsel and "Re-Set Button" subsequently announced they are appealing Judge Tabib's ruling. As you can see from the court record, both "Re-Set" and The Council are scrambling to figure out how best to handle the Judge's decision (section highlighted in yellow).

Perhaps Ricky said it best, "Julian this Inquiry it totally f....d!" to which CSB adds oy veh!

Clare L. Pieuk


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