Thursday, July 18, 2013

Count Floyd: "Jeezus boys and girls that's really scary, scary terriorizing Ottawa and the Senate like that!"

Canadian Taxpayers Federation calls for national referundum on abolishing the Senate

Enormous Senator Mike Duffy-esque balloon illustrates excessive hot air in the Canadian Senate

Thursday, July 18, 2013

OTTAWA, Ontario: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today called on Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all Parliamentarians to let Canadian voters decide the fate of the Senate in a national referendum during the next election.

At a press conference in Ottawa, the CTF also unveiled its referendum mascot, a giant inflatable balloon in resembling former Conservative Senator Mike Duffy clutching an enormous briefcase of money, while holding his hand out to Canadians and asking for more.

“You’ve currently got Senators under investigation by the RCMP for allegedly filling their pockets with taxpayer cash. You’ve got unelected Senators gutting legislation passed by the democratically elected House. And until Harper finally appointed enough Conservatives to form a majority, you had unelected opposition Senators blocking the elected government’s legislation,” said CTF Federal Director Gregory Thomas. “It’s outrageous, in the 21st century, that unelected Senators are able to get away with these things.”

“Senate reform has largely been a failure,” said Thomas. “It’s time to let Canadians decide whether they even think the Senate is worth keeping anymore.”

“With two years until the next election, we’ve got the perfect opportunity to have a national debate followed by a national referendum on abolishing the Senate,” continued Thomas. “If a majority of Canadians vote to get rid of the Senate, then federal and provincial politicians will need to get with the program.” In the past, the CTF has taken the position of ‘elect or abolish’ the Canadian Senate, however CTF supporters have recently changed their tune. In a survey conducted in June, 65 per cent of CTF supporters favoured getting rid of the Senate altogether, while 82 per cent approved of holding a national referendum and letting Canadian voters decide.

By Gregory Thomas
Posted: July 18, 2013



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