Thursday, August 08, 2013

Mygan's Law

Former senator's young wife coud get $500K from his pension

Jessica Hume
Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Rod Zimmer and wife Mygan Sensenberger. (Credits: QMI Agency)

OTTAWA - Aspiring actress Maygan Sensenberger, 24, will collect money from the pension of her husband, 70-year-old former senator Rod Zimmer, until 2079, according to the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation.

According to the Parliamentary Pension Act, in the event of a death, the surviving spouse continues to receive 60% of the pension. If Zimmer lives to be 90, taxpayers could be paying his wife until 2079.

If Zimmer does live to be 90, Sensenberger will begin collecting a pension in 2033 at 44 years old. Indexed for inflation, the Canadian Taxpayer Federation calculates that would give her $532,568 if she also lives to be 90.

And because she and Zimmer were only married for two of his years as a senator, she is entitled to less than she would be had they been married the whole time.

"Maybe we should rename the Parliamentary Pension Act Maygan's Law," the CTF's director Greg Thomas told QMI Agency.

Zimmer recently stepped down, citing health concerns.

Sensenberger is Zimmer's second wife. It is unclear if his first wife is also entitled to any of his pension.


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