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"The Noose" and CyberSmokeBlog's "15 seconds" of fame!

From RoadKill Radio News
September 23, 2013

For immediate release

Chief Justice McLachlin judicially noosed
British Columbia activist Kari Simpson’s ‘Drive for Justice’

VANCOUVER, September 22, 2013 (RKRNews) — The judicial noose is getting tighter around Canada’s top judge, and BC social activist Kari Simpson appears to be pulling most of the ropes. But she’s also finding support from within the legal fraternity. Several lawyers from across Canada have written to express similar concerns about judicial corruption.

“This saga is destined for Hollywood—and so it should be,” says Simpson. “Confidence in Canada’s judicial system has become a joke.”

The decade-old defamation case Simpson v Mair and WIC has become a vivid example of why public confidence in Canada’s courts is declining.

Simpson’s latest letter to Beverley McLachlin was not written to her as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, but in her alternate capacity as chair of the Canadian Judicial Council. It underscores the judicial crisis in Canada. The letter (linked here), contained in a tabbed binder, exposes shenanigans and cover-up that has transpired in Simpson’s quest for simple justice.

When Simpson earlier asked Chief Justice McLachlin and CJC’s Executive Director, Norman Sabourin, to answer questions about alleged improprieties by the Chief Justice and Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg, both refused, and Mr. Sabourin instead accused Simpson of abusing the process! (Simpson’s response to Mr. Sabourin is available here.)

In her closing comments of September 16, 2013 to Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, in her capacity as CJC Chair, Simpson states:

You know that judicially, this matter is not going to end well for you, Madam Chair. You are complicit, for not only did you allow a judge to continue to sit who had no business being on the bench; but you upheld her decisions, knowing full well that she is unqualified. By continuing in this charade of justice, you only succeed in justifying contemptuous cynicism for your office and for the administration of justice as a whole.

Lying, bullying and gatekeeper defensive strategies by bureaucrats like the CJC’s Executive Director don’t faze Simpson; instead, she says, “they tend to backfire—which is helpful to those of us working to restore justice to Canadians.”

Simpson’s knack for exposing judicial antics has been featured in a video series available on the Internet at The series, narrated by veteran journalist Ron Gray, explores this remarkably corrupt case of injustice—and it has developed a faithful following, including many members of the legal fraternity.

One of those followers is the popular Winnipeg-based CyberSmokeBlog. CyberSmoke’s blogmaster, Clare L. Pieuk, is no stranger to judicial shenanigans—and he has given a lot of publicity to the Simpson case. In a recent blog featuring Simpson’s latest bombshell, he writes:

CyberSmokeBlog, in its posting about the case, observed when Kari Simpson “dropped” her latest “package” on Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin that it must have landed with a thud, “Doink ….. ouch, that hurt; dammit to hell!”

... CyberSmokeBlog noted the judicial system’s gross mishandling of the case has the potential to make the Douglas Inquiry look like a piker…

In reference to one of the most popular Drive For Justice episodes, entitled “Our Ermine-Clad Masters”—an episode in which you can hear exactly what Simpson said, and can compare it to what the SCC justices said—Pieuk in his September 19, 2013 blog (, entitled The mother of all defamation lawsuits versus judicial corruption in Canada! makes this appropriate observation:

... Supreme Court Justices’ ceremonial robes, such as those formerly worn by Ian “RoadKill” Binnie, who wrote the [Simpson] decision, are lined with ermine, which comes from the Canadian Arctic weasel…

Kari Simpson has given Chief Justice McLachlin 14 days to respond to her 12-page letter and tabbed case history. The “package” has been confirmed as having been delivered to the Chief Justice. It was also sent to Prime Minister Harper; Justice Minister Peter MacKay; Ambassador for Religious Freedom Dr. Andrew Bennett; Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs William Brooks; and all members of the Canadian Judicial Council—among other interested recipients.

More to come!

Contact: Kari Simpson (604) 514-1614

All documents referred to in Simpson’s letter are hyperlinked for the convenience of all readers.


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