Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How say you Ms Janice B. Payne?

Dear Ms Payne:

In today's online edition of the National Post (Conservative Party lawyer Arthur Hamilton under fire as Marc Garneau accuses him of being 'well known for mopping up ethical problems') reporter Stephen Maher states:

"Duffy, who is fighting to stay in the Senate, revealed a letter and cheque Monday showing that Hamilton transferred $13,560 to Duffy's lawyer Janice Payne, on April 3, 2013."

On the internet, Nelligan O'Brien Payne prides itself as one of eastern Ontario's trusted and respected law firms that communicates promptly, regularly and openly. Presumably, the aforementioned cheque from your learned friend Arthur Hamilton was paid from public funds which, if true, makes all taxpayers an interested party to this transaction.

Question: What is your billable rate and exactly what legal work did you do on behalf of Mr. Duffy that occasioned the payment of $13,560?

If for whatever reason(s) you are unwilling and/or unprepared to answer this questions perhaps you could inquire of Mr. Duffy whether he would do so.

Failing a response from you, CyberSmokeBlog will then ask the same question of Mr. Hamilton. In all likelihood CSB will not receive a reply from Author Hamilton in which case it will be on to Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has been somewhat less than forthcoming (And that's being extremely charitable!) about the Senate expenses scandal.

Yours Truly,
Clare L. Pieuk


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