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Will the real Juiceman please stand up!

Dear Mr. Gray:

Thank you for contacting CyberSmokeBlog. At times like this one must be careful not to rush to judgment. Perhaps Mayor Rob Ford was looking for the real Juiceman to whip him up a nutritious concoction that'd go nicely with his high octane, high performance vodka and Gatorade drink.

Clare L. Pieuk

Zachary Gray has left a new comment on your post "OMG Rob Ford on steroids ..... preparing for Kuwati war? Oh My God Ford Mutant Nation?

Interesting article posted by The Star today linking Lisi to someone named "Juiceman," who he contacted the night he tried to retrieve the video. Thinking "Juiceman" might be Valerio Moscariello … His "deleted" site is still accessible thanks to

Rob Ford investigation: Mystery call, lost cellphone figure in ongoing court battle

Media lawyers continued to fight Wednesday to undo the last bit of secrecy in a police document detailing a police investigation of the Mayor and his associates.

Jennifer Pagliaro, News Reporter
Wednesday, November 20, 2013
A picture of Mayor Rob Ford, centre, and Alexander "Sandro" Lisi, his face circled in red, at a Blue Jays game. The image comes from the police documents used in a request for a search warrant in the criminal case against Lisi.

In the early morning hours immediately after news broke of a video showing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine, the mayor’s friend and occasional driver, Alexander Lisi, called someone named “Juiceman.”

Lisi phoned the mystery person at 1:44 a.m. May 17, according to new information in a police document released Wednesday. Police recorded that the call lasted 39 seconds.

There were more calls between 2 a.m. and 11 a.m., in which Lisi spoke to someone police believe was possibly “Juiceman” for almost four minutes.

Though the new details do not reveal who Juiceman is, they show that Lisi had spoken to the same person a month earlier, on April 20 — the day Ford reportedly lost his cellphone at a community event in South Etobicoke, where he was picking up garbage with most of his staff.

The document identifies Juiceman as being involved in Project Traveller, a probe that had police listening in on alleged guns and drug smugglers between Toronto and Windsor, and which culminated in several raids in June. That sweep focused largely on a Dixon Road apartment complex that has since become a central backdrop to the scandal over the Ford video.

The document only shows that police documented who was called, at what time, and for how long — not what was discussed.

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What happened in the days after Ford reportedly lost his cellphone is now one of the remaining pieces of information still blacked out in the police document that details an investigation into Ford and his associates.

On Wednesday, lawyers for The Star and other media outlets argued that more than 30 pages of censored information should be made public immediately.

“The public interest is so strong,” The Star’s lawyer, Ryder Gilliland, told the court. “What’s being kept from the public right now is unconscionable.”

At issue still is what police collected from the Project Traveller wiretaps and what Lisi’s lawyer, Seth Weinstein, has said would affect his right to a fair jury trial.

Lisi was eventually arrested as part of the so-called Project Brazen 2 investigation that had investigators trailing him and Ford over several months. On October 31, he was additionally charged with extortion for allegedly threatening two alleged Dixon City Blood gang members — Liban Siyad and Mohamed Siad — in an attempt to recover the video.

Weinstein argued Wednesday that if those areas he’s identified as problematic are released, they should be placed under a temporary publication ban.

Lawyers and Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer debated whether Lisi’s attempts to deal with something they only referred to as “item number one” would affect his extortion trial. They said “item number one” related to events on April 20 and appeared to be distinct from the Ford video.

The police document refers to the mayor’s phone being lost on April 20 several times — but additional details remain blacked out.

In October, The Star reported that Lisi is alleged to have gone looking for Ford’s phone, offering marijuana in exchange, after it was apparently stolen. The disappearance of the cellphone panicked the mayor and his staff.

It’s still not clear what, if anything, was on the phone or why his office was panicked. There’s no indication the video was on it.

The document also shows a flurry of phone activity between Ford and Lisi on April 20 — more than 20 calls and attempted calls.

The same day, Lisi phoned one of Ford’s staffers, Thomas Beyer, and Ford friend Fabio Basso.

He also called alleged gang member Siyad several times throughout the day.

Of the wiretap information, the Crown argued its release would “subvert the ends of justice.”

On Monday, lawyers will continue to argue for and against the release of both wiretap information and the information Lisi’s lawyers say affects his fair trial rights.


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