Saturday, December 21, 2013

Is Shelly Glover rapidly becoming a national embarrassment?

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In another video (not shown here) Shelly Glover complained Liberal Member of Parliament Scott Brison (middle, top video) called her "stupid" during a Finance Parliamentary Committee hearing earlier that day while she was Jim "Shut the .... up!" Flaherty's Parliamentary Secretary.

The second video is even more embarrassing. She asserts: numbers can be skewed any which way depending on who's using them (Huh?); StatsCanada got it's numbers wrong (Huh?); a 68-year old Liberal running in an adjacent riding (Anita Neville) had passed her "expiry date" as if Shelly Glover is a "spring chicken" herself (Smart, real smart ... and which group is the fastest growing in the Canadian population? Ever heard of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons or CARP and the Senate Ms Glover?); after a year and a half on Parliament Hill had never heard of University of Calgary Political Science Professor and former Stephen Harper Chief of Staff Tom Flanagan (Huh?); and now she's publicly suggesting the Supreme Court of Canada got it wrong on Canada's prostitution laws.

But it just gets better. This is the same Shelly Glover who recently suggested Manitoba's NDP government had a "spending problem" even though in 20011 Elections Canada subsequently cited her for exceeding campaign spending limits by over $2,000. Further, she still remains a defendant in the high-profile Helena Guergis defamation lawsuit depending upon the results of a motion to quash a possible appeal launched by a taxpayer lawyer representing the Harper government (formerly the Government of Canada).

To make matters even worse, on the eve of the last federal election, CyberSmokeBlog received an unsolicited voicemail from Mike Duffy - presumably so did all other Saint Boniface voters - extolling Shell Glover's apparent virtues and those of the Conservative Party. Yes, that Mike Duffy! Hope Nigel Wright didn't put him up to it as part of their "deal." Almost became violently ill.
She still thinks, acts and speaks like a police officer who has unsuccessfully transitioned to a Member of Parliament. You know that old expression, "Once a cop always a cop."

The Liberals have already announced long time Winnipeg City Councillor Dan Vandal will run against her in the 2015 election.
My God man, what's taking you so long? Shouldn't you be out there kissing babies, shaking seniors' hands/ kissing the little blue rinse ladies and working the barbecue circuit  - yes, Manitobans have a tradition of winter barbecuing.

The NDP have yet to declare their candidate for the St. Boniface riding.

The aforementioned does not necessarily imply CyberSmokeBlog will endorse either the Liberal or New Democratic Party candidate. Rather, it will wait until it hears what each has to say.

Clare L. Pieuk


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