Thursday, December 19, 2013

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Mike Duffy wants to say hello to you (and Nigel and Stephen and Justin ...)

Josh Visser
Thursday, December 19, 2013
Mike Duffy says "hello" to you, Canadian

Senator Mike Duffy wants to say hello to you, Canadian voter. He even wants to say hi to dear old friends like Stephen. Nigel. Maybe even Justin and Thomas (or is it just Tom?).
The latest wacky news involving Prince Edward Island’s least-favourite (but most-suspended) senator is a website that features three-second video clips of Duffy offering personal greetings and salutations to virtually any name you can think. 
The clips are from a Conservative Party website where a virtual Duffy offered personalized fundraising pitches to viewers several years ago, the Ottawa Citizen first reported.
The short segments where Duffy says hello to a specific name were uploaded to a separate website by Green Party deputy leader candidate Kevin O’Donnell, who is a programmer by trade.
“It’s really nothing except pulling together all of the individual ‘name’ videos that appear at the start of the fundraising video. They are separate, so after mild sleuthing of how the fundraiser worked, I was able to pull them all out,” O’Donnell told Macleans.
He said Duffy offered greetings to more than 750 names. 
The full Conservative video is from 2010, when the party was still in power with a minority government, and Duffy was one of the party’s top fundraisers. The interactive video asks the viewer to pick three priorities including; military, family, Arctic sovereignty, taxes and farmers/agriculture.
In 2010, the Conservatives wanted to know what was important to you. (Screenshot)

At the end of the 3-minute clip on the Tory website, Duffy promises: “You’ll be hearing from the Old Duff in the very near future” — an undersell if there ever was one. 
That is not exactly the kind of thing the Conservatives, whose senators overwhelmingly voted to suspend Duffy from the Red Chamber, want to hear. Duffy was suspended from the Senate in early November along with Conservative appointees Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau over spending allegations. 
“Pause here to send me your thoughts…but please, please be gentle,” the Old(e) Duff says in the Tory video. He probably regrets saying that now. 


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