Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Moving forward eh? "Senator" Duffy, how much jail time do you expect to do?

Virtual Mike Duffy haunts us still on Conservative Party of Canada website

By Glen McGregor
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Embattled senator Mike Duffy might be out of the Upper House and out of Conservative Party’s caucus, but he lives on in virtual reality on the party’s website.

More than a year after questions about his residency were raised, videos of the Old Duff still play under the party’s “Moving Forward” banner,  offering personalized fundraising pitches on behalf of the strong, stable majority Harper government.

Enter your first name here and the senator reads it aloud — “Hello, [YOUR NAME]. It’s Mike Duffy” — as extolls the many accomplishments of the prime minister. 

Doubtless, this is but a simple oversight by the Conservative Party’s website gearheads that will be corrected sometime later today, I’m guessing.

Update:  A story from October on the lefty online news clearinghouse,, on the propriety of Duffy fundraising clip:


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