Friday, January 31, 2014

Who needs her, besides, she's too busy with the Ethics Commissioner these days!

Saint Boniface Member of Parliament Constable Shelly Glover in her former life after a bust!

Good Day Readers:

Was looking for information on the parliamentary website and stumbled upon:

It seems the 2012-2013 expenses of all Members are now posted online something of which CyberSmokeBlog was not aware. Here they are for Shelly Glover CSB's Member of Parliament. Haven't had a chance yet to closely study the data but will and offer comment.

How ironic. Twice CyberSmokeBlog requested this information (once by e-mail the second in person) but it was never forthcoming further proof of who needs her?

Clare L. Pieuk

Glover, Honourable Shelly
Member Status Constituency name Constituency size Number of electors

Glover, Hon. Shelly
ActiveSaint Boniface66 km²65,604

CategoryMember's Budgets ($)Resources Provided by the House ($)Travel PointsTotal ($)
1-Employees' salaries and service contracts 197,713.76 - 197,713.76
Designated traveller-7,037.198.501.00- 7,037.19
Dependants----- -
Employees425.363,871.535.00-- 4,296.89
Member's accommodation and per diem expenses10,843.24-10,843.24
Member's secondary residence expenses13,429.36-13,429.36
3-Hospitality and events 1,787.63 - 1,787.63
4-Advertising 20,853.70 - 20,853.70
Ten percenters-10,865.2610,865.26
Other printing-related expenses5,197.65-5,197.65
Constituency office leases, insurance and utilities29,356.90-29,356.90
Furniture, furnishing and equipment purchases-454.72454.72
Equipment rentals1,506.36-1,506.36
Informatics and telecommunication equipment purchases1,023.201,323.192,346.39
Telecommunication services5,096.476,254.1011,350.57
Repairs and maintenance1,433.71-1,433.71
Postage and courier services2,786.40195.002,981.40
Materials and supplies4,783.592,029.866,813.45


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