Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Your evangelical roots are starting to show through your nicely coiffured hair Stephen Harper!

Good Day Readers:

Upon further reflection, Stephen Harper in his definition of a new-style anti-Semite is starting to sound a lot like former Public Safety Minister Vic "Ceiling" Toews. There are are no grey areas or blurred lines.

When "Ceiling" (along with then federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson) tried to ram through the highly invasive internet user Bills C-30 and C-51 (Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act) in the House of Commons it was, "He can either stand with us or with the child pornographers ....." when Liberal Public Safety Critic Francis Scarpaleggia dared criticize the legislation during debate in February of 2012. That set off a public outcry and the Bills were pulled off the table and quite possibly led to "Ceiling's" political demise along with, of course, other factors.

The Tory definition of new-style anti-Semites is starting to have a familiar ring don't you think? Stephen Harper's evangelical roots starting to show through - you know, his hidden "secret agenda" which many distrust.

Clare L. Pieuk
Prime Minister Stephen Happer's plane took off Saturday night for a seven-day trip to the Middle East, which will take him to Israel and Jordan.

Parliamentary Bureau Chief David Akin is travelling with Harper and will be reporting live throughout the trip.

And then there was this .....


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