Friday, January 31, 2014

New deductions for 2013 income tax returns: Don't forget to list the names of Members of Parliament and Senators as your "dependents!"

Good Day Readers:

A special thank you to those in the Maritimes who sent CyberSmokeBlog the following e-mail. While CSB does not recognize any of the individuals, presumably backbenchers from all parties, they appear to be legitimate photographs. This seems to be one of those internet messages currently making the rounds.

But how can you forget Conservative Member of Parliament (Calgary West) Rob Anders the poster child for "Sleepy Hollows."

Clare L. Pieuk

Earn while you sleep ..... MP's at work: Not bad for $10,000/month!
Others make only $8,000/month!
A little bit of reading on the side at $11,000/month!
Writing your mail at the expense of the taxpayer!
Dammit, this job is so hard I must ask for a raise!
I'm not sleeping, I'm thinking about retirement and my cost of living indexed pension!
So am I ..... I only have to snooze here for six years to get the pension!
Is it time for lunch yet in our taxpayer subsidized restaurant?
We understand why this job is so aught after! It is ideal to catch up on missed sleep after exhausting taxpayer funded travel while waiting serenely for prosperous retirement or for a secure reward in case of a lost election.

The above individuals are actually among the most diligent MPs because they actually showed up in parliament.


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