Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Oy vey you little serial kveterer!"

Mark Adler Toronto area Conservative Member of Parliament (York Centre)

Mark Adler: "Jeremy! Jeremy! Can I get in?"

Jeremy Hunt: "No."

Mark Adler: "It's the re-election! This is a million-dollar shot."

CyberSmokeblog: "Stop your bloody kvetching! What about Canadian taxpayer/voter Joe Sixpack?"

'This is a million-dollar shot!' Tory MP cries out to join Harper photo op in Israel
Campbell Clark
Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrive for their meeting at Netanyahu's office in Jerusalem January 21, 2014. (Oded Balilty/Reuters)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, a site holy in Judaism – and his MPs wanted to be part of the action.

One, Conservative MP Mark Adler, was pressing to the edge of the media area where photographers watched, and pleaded with one of Mr. Harper’s aides, Jeremy Hunt, to be let past the security barrier to be part of the photo op.

The video below shows Mr. Harper at the wall – and Mr. Adler’s voice can be clearly heard.

“Jeremy! Jeremy! Can I get in?” Mr. Adler said.

“No,” Mr. Hunt replied.

“It’s the re-election! This is the million-dollar shot.”

He then asked Mr. Hunt to bring Mr. Harper over to shake hands later. In the end, after Mr. Harper had started to walk away from the wall, Mr. Adler and another Tory, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver, were allowed past the barrier, and scrambled to have their photos taken with the Prime Minister.

Mr. Harper and contingent of 208 people, including Canadian politicians, religious leaders and business executives, are on a week-long trip to Israel and Jordan.


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