Wednesday, January 22, 2014

There's a 73% chance she'll walk!

Good Day Readers:

Don't you love these people who plead ignorance? Even though the boys in short pants and girls in short skirts of the Prime Minister's Office had been feverishly running around for months trying to cover up the Duffy-Wright and larger Senate scandal, Stephen Harper maintained he didn't know what was happening. So who's responsible for the PMO? God, the Queen or perhaps the Pope?

How many senior managers have been fired in the private sector because of a scandal within their organization even though they may not have been aware of the situation? It matters not it happened on their watch which is why they're paid the big dollars.

Already in full damage control mode, Ms Glover: is on the public record as saying her Riding Association sent the invitations, thus, she had no involvement in selecting the guests; she dropped in for only a few minutes (coincidentally when CTV News just happened to stop by); returned the money raised; apologized all over herself; and has written to the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner to inquire whether she's done anything wrong. BTW, said letter was not posted on her constituency webpage or if it was CyberSmokeBlog couldn't find it.

Senior Winnipeg Free Press reporter Dan Lett characterized it best when he described the fundraiser as a "brain fart."

CSB had a quick look at the OCIEC's latest annual report (2012-2013) - 33 complaints were received of which 24 were closed without proceeding to an examination, inquiry or public report meaning there's a 73% probability Shelly Glover will walk.

Clare L. Pieuk    
Ethics Commissioner investigating funderaiser for Shelly Glover Staff
Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Heritage Minister Shelly Glover speaks to CTV News outside a home hosting a fundraising event in Winnipeg on Thursday, January 16, 2014.

The federal ethics commissioner has started an investigation into whether Heritage Minister Shelly Glover violated the Conflict of Interest Act by attending a fundraiser at which members of Winnipeg’s arts-and-culture community were asked to donate money to the cabinet minister.

In a letter to Liberal MP Ralph Goodale, who requested the investigation, Mary Dawson says she has “commenced an examination” to determine whether Glover broke the rules in connection with the January 16 fundraiser, held at a Winnipeg home.

Under federal rules, cabinet ministers cannot “solicit or accept funds from a person or organization who has lobbied or is likely to lobby the public officer holder of the officer or department.”

Federal conflict-of-interest rules also say that a minister must avoid “situations where issues of preferential treatment of other conflicts could arise.”

When CTV News showed up at the fundraiser last week, Glover asked, “What are they doing here?” and said she had only stopped in “briefly.”

CTV News was then asked to leave the house by the homeowner when the reporter asked Glover why she was taking money from people who depend on her department for funding.

The next day, Glover’s office told CTV News that some of the guests at the fundraiser did have dealings with her department and that the minister had decided not to accept the $1,200 raised at the event.

Glover said her riding association had sent out the invitations and she had no involvement in selecting guests. She also said that she had written to the ethics commissioner herself asking if the event could get her in trouble.

Opposition MPs have sharply criticized Glover, saying the fundraiser raises serious ethical questions. Last week, Goodale said the event “clearly crosses the line.”


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