Monday, January 27, 2014

But what about client wellness?

Good Day Readers:

After watching Canadian lawyer Andy Clark's video, CyberSmokeBlog naturally wondered if he'd produce a four day follow up seminar (cost not mentioned) for clients suffering/recovering from the acute, chronic ravages of a lawyer who had a wellness deficiency?

He also notes lawyering is one of the most noble and central professions in the world without which the proper and orderly functioning of society would cease. Jeezus, don't know about the "noble" part but perhaps that's why it's the world's second oldest profession.

Below is a hilarious book review recently tendered by the popular American legal blog, Above the law.

Clare L. Pieuk

6 Benefits of Legal Wellness - Whatever That Means

By Joe Patrice
Monday, January 13, 2014

Key to writing a self-help piece? Pictures of bland smiling people.

Self-help books are amazing. So simple, so pedantic, so lucrative. If I could muster enough “human compassion,” I’d get in on that action. But, as is I’ll have to stick with mocking dumb lawyers online. It’s a living.

A self-help book for lawyers is out and boasts some advantages for lawyers choosing to live a “wellness” lifestyle.

If you’re wondering what “wellness” means, it’s kind of a catch-all pop psych term for “not being a f..kup.” Glad I could help out….

The book is Lawyer Wellness Is NOT An Oxymoron (affiliate link) by Canadian lawyer Andy Clark. What advantages await if you decide to take the plunge and live well? Well, there are six and they are fantastic:
1. You’ll think better. (Kind of important for lawyers, no?)
Not really. You can really only stomach hours of document review if you can stop thinking. There’s actually a self-help book for that. It’s called: Drinking Drano for Fun and Profit! (affiliate link).
2. You’ll have more energy. (Ever feel tired at the end of the day? Or all day?)
That’s what coke is for.
3. You’ll experience less stress. (SO important on SO many levels.)
I’d be less stressed if the caps lock wasn’t applied arbitrarily.
4. You’ll gain enhanced confidence. (Ever feel any professional self-doubt due to your weight or body shape?)
No. Literally, no. In a profession that lets Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas rock muumuus to work, it’s hard to feel any self-doubt over your body.
5. You’ll enjoy a greater sense of control. (It’s WAY more fun to drive the bus than to chase it every day.)
It’s more fun to have a car of your own.
6. You’ll develop a clearer sense of purpose. (Knowing WHY you’re doing WHAT you’re doing every day is really, really cool.)
Lawyers know WHY they’re doing WHAT they’re doing. It’s called DEBT.

But if you buy this book you can go that much further into the hole.

The top 6 benefits of wellness for lawyers [Wellness Lawyer]
Lawyer Wellness Is NOT An Oxymoron [Amazon (affiliate link)]


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