Thursday, February 06, 2014

When a California government prosecutor gets "benchslapped" (whacked) majorly!

Good Day Readers:

If you're an aficionado of the California-based website Full Disclosure hosted by Leslie Dutton (, you'll know some judges there can be downright "batshit crazy" the case of former Federal Prosecutor Richard Fine being but one excellent example. He was jailed for contempt of court in Los Angeles when it should have been the judges hearing his case incarcerated in what turned out to be a significant judicial cover up.

Although this video is slightly over an hour in length it's well worth a watch. The Ninth United States Court of Appeals headed by veteran outspoken Judge Alex Kozinski are really quite hilarious. Suffice it to say the government trial prosecutor followed by his supervisor got benchslapped recently at an en banc session - a case that is heard before all the judges of a court (the entire bench) rather than by a panel selected from them. En bancs are usually reserved for complex cases considered to be of greater importance which are rare or simply do not exist in other countries.

Clare L. Pieuk


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