Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Will Rocco Galati score another first round knockout? ..... "Rocco! Rocco! Rocco!"

"And the winner in the red corner wearing blue trunks with a white stripe weighing in at 174 3/4 pounds ..... former middleweight champion of the Marines .....!"

Good Day Readers:

A special thank you to a westcoast reader who sent the following link from CanLII::

Given the document's length CyberSmokeBlog is only reproducing the JUDGMENT section at the end, besides, who'd read it in its entirety?


1. The motion for directions under Rule 318 of the Federal Courts Rules is granted and the contents of the sealed packet filed by the Canadian Judicial Council shall be released to the parties and placed on the public file subject to instructions to be issued to the Registry regarding information to be kept confidential;

2. Implementation of the Direction in paragraph 1 above shall be suspended for thirty (30) days pending any notice of appeal and motion for a stay that may be filed with respect to this judgment;

3. The application for an Order declaring that the Canadian Judicial Council’s assertion of a solicitor-client relationship with Independent Counsel gives rise to a reasonable apprehension of institutional bias is dismissed;

4. The application for an Order prohibiting the Canadian Judicial Council from continuing the proceedings against the applicant is dismissed; and

5. The applicant shall have her costs against the Canadian Judicial Council on the normal scale.

"Richard G. Mosely"

Recall during July of 2013 (Yes, it was that long ago!) Independent Counsel Guy "The Cat" Pratte suddenly and inexplicably resigned. The Canadian Judicial Council steadfastly refused to to publish the resignation letter on its webpage so Rocco Galati filed a motion in Federal Court to try to force the document into the public domain. Later it was learned "The Cat" and his trusty helper Kirsten "The Pain" Crain were paid a cool $240,000 or thereabouts. "Pain" also resigned ("If he goes I go!").

If in thirty days if the decision is not appealed or appealed unsuccessfully you get to see what you got for your taxpayer dollars. How fitting since last week the Canadian Judicial Council asked for online submissions on how it could improve its operations.

Right about now you've got to believe "The Cat" and "The Pain" must be grinning off in the distance like a couple Cheshire cats.
Clare L. Pieuk

P. S. CyberSmoke's prediction: CSB will give you 10-1 odds Rocco by a knockout Round One! It's tits up (Sorry, but how else would you describe it?) for Team Canadian Judicial Council - former Independent Counsel.


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