Monday, June 23, 2014

"Helicopter Shelly" joins "Helicopter Pete!"

Good Day Readers:

This posting was inspired by an eagle-eyed reader who spotted the following in the Letters to the Editor page of the Winnipeg Free Press.

Abuse of privilege

It is mighty strange that a parliamentary committee should be going after the NDP for abusing their mailing privileges to the tune of $1.3 million.

I voted for my MP, Lawrence Toet, but I've also kept track of mailers that I got from him. Most of them were distinctly "partisan" in content and as a result I've written to him three times to ask that they be reduced.
In 2012 I got three mailers in two weeks, and in 2013 I wrote again to say I had received three in July after receiving five or six between May and June. At eight cents a drop, if there are 30,000 households in the riding, that would work out to $2,400 per mailing, not counting the cost of printing.

For the Conservative government to go after the NDP for abusing their mailing privileges is shameful. They do it too.

Harold Jantz

Political mailers are so antiquated and a colossal waste of precious taxpayer dollars in this the age of the social media. Why don't Members of Parliament embed them in their blogs and/or Facebook pages? Besides, who among you have every received one from your member that said, "My God, did I and my party ever royally .... up this last session of parliament!"

So here's what CyberSmokeBlog is proposing for its Member Conservative Shelly "The Shelly" Glover. Why not rent a 50-year Sea King helicopter to fly over your riding with a huge bag of mailers shovelling them out the door as you pass overhead being careful not to fall out the door. Better yet, borrow the Winnipeg Police Service's helicopter (how appropos) that's more than likely sitting on the ground somewhere collecting dust?

If you really wish to show your constituents what a cost effective innovative thinker you are buy or rent a fleet of drones that constantly criss-cross the riding dumping mailers over everyone.
Air Glover!

That way you'd have one leg up on colleague "Helicopter Pete" MacKay who constantly seems to be stepping in it these days or sticking his foot in his big mouth and chewing it.

Anyone heard from the Liberal candidate Dapper Dan the Man no Scandal Vandal?
"Dapper Dan the Man No Scandal Vandal"

It's increasingly being suggested the government may go to the polls before the mandatory October 15, 2015. If he doesn't get his .... together soon he may be standing there with his pants around his ankles while everyone is voting.

The NDP? It hasn't nominated anyone yet it's moribund.

Clare L. Pieuk


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