Friday, June 27, 2014

Will someone please escort 'Caveman MacKay' back to his carve?

Caveman MacKay

Good Day Readers:

About the only thing missing from Peter MacKay's 1950's steroeotyping of women and men in his Mother and Father's Day messages to Justice Department staff was mention of barefoot and pregnant women in the kitchen.
He really needs to fast forward to the new reality of 2014..
A reader mentioned something recently that no one in the media seems to have picked up on yet. There are approximately 5,000 federal Department of Justice staff presumably some of whom are single (unmarried). Did Caveman press the "send all" button so even non-parents received his goofy Mom and Dad e-mails? What about married couples without children? How would he know those employees with and without children. What about older staff whose children have long since left home?

And to think he's Canada's Minister of Justice and Attorney General. Is he really that stupid? Little wonder the Department of Justice is so totally ....ed up these days.

Clare L. Pieuk


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