Sunday, June 08, 2014

You Big Goof Doug he was on steroids look at those washboard abs! The muscle relaxants were for the brain muscles he pulled!

Doug Ford: Rob Ford wasn't intoxicated, he had 'muscle spasms'

He obviously pulled muscles when he was bench pressing 1,200 pounds," Councillor Doug Ford said of Rob Ford's Easter Monday

Daniel Dale/City Hall
Friday, June 6,2014
Security footage frame grab from City Hall parking garage of Mayor Rob Ford April 21, 2014. (Toronto Star)

Mayor Rob Ford was not intoxicated at city hall on Easter Monday, his brother says — just experiencing “muscle spasms.”

In an incident report obtained by the Star on Thursday, a city security guard said the mayor “appeared to be intoxicated as he was slurring his words, red in the face, and sweating profusely.”

Surveillance footage showed the mayor struggling to enter his Cadillac Escalade; the guard wrote that he was “stumbling and even falling on the ground.”

Councillor Doug Ford came to the building to drive the mayor and the mayor’s car. He told the Toronto Sun, though, that his brother was merely in pain.

“He was bench pressing a lot of weight and it was ripping up his legs and (he was) just trying to stretch his legs out to get the spasms away,” Doug Ford said Friday. “He could barely even walk because they were so sore.”

He told the National Post: “He obviously pulled muscles when he was bench pressing with his legs 1,200 pounds.”

Doug Ford, the mayor’s campaign manager, did not return the Star’s phone calls and emails. Asked about the incident while raising money and peanut butter for the Daily Bread Food Bank, he said, “Today, we’re talking about peanut butter.”

The mayor was visited in his office for 50 minutes on Easter Monday by a woman who was not identified in the security report. Doug Ford told the Sun that she is “a friend of the family, not ‘some mysterious woman.’ ”
He told the Post: “His wife knew she was there, I knew she was there . . . I guess if it was a man no one would be questioning it, so that’s biased right there.”

The city kept secret the name of the guard who wrote the report on the grounds that the disclosure could put him in physical danger. The decision was a response to Ford’s alleged March threat to “get” the different guard who reported his intoxication at city hall two years ago.

“Under applicable health and safety legislation, employers must take reasonable measures in the protection of workers,” spokeswoman Jackie DeSouza said. 


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