Thursday, July 03, 2014

How say you Mr. Rees?

Mr. Owen M. Rees
Executive Legal Officer
The Supreme Court of Canada
301 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Mr Rees:

You might wish to take a moment to peruse the following article from one of the United States most popular legal blogs Above the Law.

You will note it contains detailed financial disclosure information on each of the United States Supreme Court Justices including earnings from outside projects, expenses and financial holdings.


1. When a Supreme Court Justice is appointed what are their financial disclosure requirements and where can the taxpaying public access this information? If unavailable why?

2. While sitting as a Justice what are the guidelines for outside earnings? Where can this information be found? If unavailable why?

3. Where can information be found on the expenses incurred by Justices and for what reason? If this is not publicly available, again, why?

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Clare L. Pieuk


Attention: Owen M. Rees


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