Friday, July 18, 2014

The T-shirt!

Good Day Readers:

After reading this next story CyberSmokeBlog got a brilliant idea how to become a millionaire. As business consultants are always telling aspiring entrepreneurs you start by test marketing your product so you develop a line of designer Member of Parliament T-Shirts. In CSB's case it might be "Saint Bonface home of  Canada's most patriotic MP with the most patriotic Canadians with the most patriotic blog!" Pretty cool eh?

But you could use your imagination: "My MP is a Big Goof!" or "How the .... did my Member of Parliament get elected?" etc. You are limited only by your imagination just don't make the messages defamatory.

Once you've mastered that extend your line to Manitoba Judges. Imagine what you could do with Manitoba judiciary all stars - Brian Corrin or Vic Toews or Robert Dewar or ..... .

Next go down to your local courthouse, in this example the Manitoba Law Courts, wearing one of these and wait to be escorted from the building. Then retain Mr. Constitutional-Charter lawyer Rocco Galati to sue the administration for millions and millions of dollars for violating your right to freedom of speech and expression.

Got a creepy, sneaky little parasitic lawyer you don't like? Well, check out the Law Society of Manitoba's Diciplinary Digests. Get the drift?

Finally, with your multi-million dollar settlement retire to Hawaii to never have to work another day in your life and live happily ever after. Pretty smart eh?
Clare L. Pieuk
"Judge" Stephanie Domitrovich"

Man wearing T-shirt with judge's picture and ethics reference asked to leave courthouse

Friday, July 18, 2014
By Debra Weiss

A man wearing a T-shirt that appeared to comment on ethics charges against a Pennsylvania judge was asked to leave the courthouse on Thursday.

Sheriff John Loomis says the man was asked to leave because he didn’t stop when a deputy sheriff asked to speak with him, the Erie News-Times reports. Loomis did not release the man’s name to the newspaper.

The T-shirt had a picture of Judge Stephanie Domitrovich of Erie County, along with the words, “Do you even ethics bro?”

Domitrovich remains on the bench. Still pending is a petition to suspend her until resolution of the ethics case against her, filed on July 7. The Erie Times-News and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covered the ethics complaint in prior stories.

The Judicial Conduct Board's ethics complaint (PDF) accuses Domitrovich of “inpatient, undignified and discourteous” treatment of parties that included yelling, finger pointing, sarcasm and storming off the bench.

The complaint also alleges she failed to properly train her secretary, was overly critical of her job performance, and tried to fire the secretary while she was out on medical leave. Domitrovich is also accused of denying in a deposition that her husband, a lawyer, helped draft her opinions, even though staffers said she often sent documents to him for review and editing.

Domitrovich’s lawyer has said the ethics charges are without merit, and he has assembled a team “who are all determined to expose the motivation behind the allegations.”


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